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For Cub Scouts the Boomerang Award Scheme teaches everyday skills and is the major training program methods. For each level of the scheme (Bronze, Silver and Gold), there are 14 tasks that must be completed, including: getGraphic

  • Health and First Aid
  • Safety
  • Ropes
  • Outdoor Scouting
  • Our Cub Scout Traditions
  • Symbols of Australia
  • Fitness
  • People and Cultures
  • Scientific Discovery
  • The Natural Environment
  • Self Expression
  • Handcraft
  • Your Community
  • Promise and Law

The Achievement Badge Scheme helps Cub Scouts to learn new skills and recognises their individual interest areas. Cub Scouts can choose from 34 badges that encompass the arts and literature; nature, science and technology; sports and recreation; and the wider world.

There are also seven Special Interest Badges for Cub Scouts: Landcare Badge; Local History Badge; Waterwise Badge; Our Heritage Badge; Language Emblem; Faith Awareness Badge; World Conservation Badge; and Cub Scout Leadership Course Badge.

getGraphic4The Grey Wolf Award is the ultimate award for a Cub Scout. It requires participation in a number of outdoor activities, attendance at Pack Councils, achievement of a number of Level 2 Achievement Badges and Special Interest Badges, and the development of a Jungle Book group resource.

When each component of the Grey Wolf Award has been completed, a request is submitted to the State Office for approval by the Branch Commissioner (Cub Scout).

GWA Commencement Application

Click here for the Grey Wolf Application Form

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