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Meet Sophie Warner from 1st Guyra. She is nine years old and aspires to achieve her Grey Wolf, Australian Scout Medallion and Queen’s Scout Award! Her parents, brother and sister are all in Scouts, and she has been going to Scout camps since she was six months old, so she is no stranger to the Scouting world!

Sophie is adventurous and extreme, but above all: FUN! In her spare time she enjoys dancing, doing mathematics, sewing, Scouts (of course!) and turning her favourite type of music - rock and roll - up nice and loud on the stereo!

Sophie’s favourite Scout activities are working on challenge badges and being the mascot for their flying fox team, and she is currently working towards her Silver Boomerang.

Sophie counts several people as her role models: her principal and teacher, her Cub Leaders Fergal and Raksha, and her brother and sister.

After she achieves all her Scouting Award goals, Sophie would like to be a hairdresser, as well as a Scout Leader in her spare time. Good luck Sophie!

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