Air Traffic Controllers Recognised For Hard Work At AJ2016 Print E-mail

On Monday April 18, Air Traffic Controllers at Camden Airport were presented a plaque out of recognition for their hard work and support at the Air Activity Centre during the Australian Jamboree earlier this year.



Thousands attended the Jamboree back in January and one of the activities a day trip to the Air Activity Centre for a joy ride over Camden and Warragamba Dam in light aircraft.

Mathew Carnes - Air Traffic Controller, Steven Harvey - Head of Scouting Program (and AJ2016 coordinator AAC), Graham Godwin- Business Operations Manager (AAC), Darren Swain - Unit Tower Supervisor Bankstown & Camden and Dennis Clifford - Air Traffic Controller (pictured above) were there during the event making sure everything ran smoothly and safely. 

The five of them accepted the award at the Camden Airport Tower.



Good job, guys! Thanks for helping to make AJ2016 such a huge success.


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