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On ANZAC day this year, fourteen NSW Scouts assembled at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for a centenary dawn service. Four of the party were the lucky winners of our ANZAC story competition. They had each submitted a story about an ANZAC ancestor of theirs who had fought at Gallipoli.

Another ten Scouts were from Groups nominated by the Regions immediately north and south of the harbour: Epping and 2nd Abbotsford. From each Group a Leader, a Rover, a Venturer, a Scout and a Cub got to go. Sadly for Joeys, they could not take part; BridgeClimb has a lower age limit of ten years. However, BridgeClimb did relax one of their rules for us.

Normally, people doing the climb are not allowed to wear anything outside the prescribed clothing, perhaps to prevent loose things falling onto traffic below, but the Scouts were given special dispensation to wear their scarves and woggles. This made for some great pictures!

Scouts from various Sections and a Leader, on their way up!

Almost there!

All Sections were represented!


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