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Scouts NSW joyfully rattled their cans as the NSW Government backed a Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) for recycling empty bottles and cans across NSW.

Scouts Australia (NSW) is ready to work with the NSW Government to launch the largest social enterprise initiative ever undertaken by the organisation in NSW in response to the Government's support of a CDS, with a mix of new technology as well as traditional collection points.

Scout Halls and Activity Centres are already part of every rural town, regional centre and city suburb, playing a central role within each of these communities.  With the use of our existing community infrastructure, as well as conveniently placed vending machines and collections at other community locations, Scouts can provide state of the art collection points across NSW."

Andrew Smith AM, General Manager, Scouts NSW said:

“The NSW Government have signaled that they are looking for an innovative community led response to their support of a container deposit scheme. Scouts is proposing the use of new purpose built state of the art bottle and can recycling vending machines.

This technology also means that small towns and centres can have exactly the same convenience for local redemption opportunities as city residents.

The scheme will help individuals get money back by recycling, and also provide a revenue stream for community organisations like the Scouts to support their youth programs.

“Scouts has more than a hundred year history in its commitment to the environment and many of our youth programs are about community care and leadership. Scouts love the outdoors, and we are committed to finding new and innovative ways to help recycle and protect the environment.

“It is great that the NSW Government is directly supporting charities and social enterprises which often struggle to find new revenue streams to fund local programs.

“The Scouts NSW scheme is closely modelled on the South Australian CDL program. Scouts in South Australia not only collect cans in support of Scout Groups and local fundraising, the Scout Association there operates a recycling business which generates over $2m pa for the organisation – helping it to grow and deliver great youth programs to young people State-wide.”

Funds will be invested directly into vital community programs increasing social capital.

For comments and media enquires:

Rosalie Batistoni, Scouts Australia (NSW) - 0421 079 903


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