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On Sunday May 1, 1st Concord and 1st Cabarita Mortlake Venturer Units successfully wrapped up a public exhibition at Concord Library as part of an environmental awareness project. 


The Venturers undertook the 'Contextual Landscapes' project to raise awareness of the harmful effects of littering and pollution in their local area, as it's an ongoing issue for the local community and environment.

As part of the project, the Units have been busy monitoring the Rivendell Foreshore Area, Bayview Park and Quarantine Park to evaluate the kind of pollution reduction processes already in place, and have met with City of Canada Bay Environment Officers and visited NSW Health and the EPA Water Monitoring Laboratories at Lidcombe to learn as much as they could about the issue. 


With the information they learned, the Youth collected rubbish from around the community and cleverly arranged it into creative images with an anti-rubbish promotional message. This photography was then edited into posters and put on display for the community to see.


The exhibition ran from Thursday April 14 to Sunday May 1 at Concord Library and will continue on at Five Dock Library from May 6 - 29. 


Visit the Canada Bay Council website for further details.



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