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Cubs learning about how to perform CPR


9-year-old Zachary Redwood from 2nd Baulkham Hills Cub Pack was able to do what a lot of adults don't know how to do - stay calm in a crisis and save his younger brother using CPR.

Zach's sibling Ben, who is 3 years old, has a peanut allergy and accidentally ate a small sized Snickers bar while at a birthday party this month. Only half an hour after consumption, Ben was having trouble breathing.

Ben's parents initially thought their son was having an asthma attack but when he didn't respond to his Ventolin puffer, they realised it was an emergency situation.

"My wife, oldest son Zachary and Ben rushed to the hospital in one car while I followed in another. During the trip to hospital Ben stopped breathing, his lips turned blue, eyes rolled into the back of his head and he lost consciousness. My wife was distraught, stopped the car and called me as she was not sure what to do," Ben and Zach's father, Julian said.

During the panic, Zach stepped in and started performing CPR on Ben, after he was taught the skill as part of his Cubs' badgework by Leaders Jennie and Taylor Page (both St John Ambulance Officers). After a few minutes some colour returned to Ben's face and lips and he regained consciousness.

"At the hospital Ben was placed on a breathing assistance mask and given adrenaline. We were advised by the doctors that Ben had had anaphylaxis shock to the peanuts he ate and that he was very lucky that we had taken early action to get him to the hospital and that Zach was able to perform CPR on him.”

It has been many years now since Jennie and Taylor first introduced CPR to their First Aid training program for Cubs.


"I felt they were never too young to know how to perform CPR, even if they couldn't do it themselves because of their size," Jennie said.

"There was always the chance that they could instruct an adult, should the need arise."

The Cubs at 2nd Baulkham Hills have also been introduced to the defibrillator and EpiPen and possess valuable skills that, like in Zach's case, could save a person's life.




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