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The Advocate for Children and Young People, Andrew Johnson, is inviting all children and young people in NSW to participate in a consultation process to help inform development of a three year whole-of-government strategic plan for children and young people aged 0-24 years in NSW. The office of the Advocate works to improve the wellbeing of all children and young people in NSW.

The office is also responsible for promoting children and young people’s participation in the decisions that affect their lives and speaking up for children and young people to get their points of view heard by decision makers.

The Advocate is responsible, under legislation, for developing the three-year whole-of-government strategic plan. Initial consultation on the plan will involve reaching out to children and young people across NSW to find out what are the issues of most concern to them, and talking to the government and non-government agencies whose work impacts on young people. Participating in this program will give your Scout Group members the chance to have their say about what the plan should cover in the interests of children and young people in NSW today and in the future.

What is involved?

An online survey, tailored to Scouts NSW, has been developed. We invite leaders to download and print the information sheet:

Click here to download the information sheet

Please give one information sheet to each member of your Group to take home. The URL of the survey is on the information sheet. We ask that you tell those under the age of 16 to seek parental permission before completing the online survey.

As an incentive to encourage Group members to complete the survey, there is an option for participants to enter a draw for a double movie pass to Event Cinemas. This option is presented to the participant after completing the survey and links to a separate URL where the participant can enter their name and email address.

Your support in encouraging Group members to participate in helping to make NSW a better place for children and young people is greatly appreciated.

Advocate for Children and Young People

Visit the ACYP website.


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