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Joeys Leaders James Craig 13th March 2016

By Marie Pilon "Alkira", Gosford District Joey Leader


All packed and off to the train station to travel down to Sydney, onto the Light Rail and off at Pyrmont Park, short walk to the “James Craig”. Roll call, everyone here. We went through the rules and then split into three groups. We had 19 Joeys, 2 Cubs, 20 parents and 2 Leaders. Joeys went on board with the crew to have a tour of the ship. Parents had a coffee break. Joeys showed their parents around the ship.

Joeys showed their strength over the parents with a game of tug of war (4 to 1 pulley system) and were taught how to hang a hammock and stow it. Parents had a choice of hammock or stretcher. Joeys and parents washed the deck, hauled a sail up, hauled a fire bucket full of water, learnt to tie a figure of eight and reef knot, watched fireworks and had an amazing time.

Gosford District Joeys Tug Of War on James Craig

Meals were great, especially the seagull stew (they ran out of rats). Parents and Joeys experienced the heat while trying to sleep below decks, while the 2 Leaders slept on the deck in the open air, which was amazing.

Didn't realise how noisy Darling Harbour is with 20 or 30 party boats and cruisers coming in and out then the traffic noises and the clubs/restaurants and people talking and what's with the seagulls going all night and morning?

Thank you to the parents, Leaders, Joeys and Cubs for a fantastic weekend. They left a great impression on the crew. I am very proud to be a part of Gosford District Joey Scouts.

Lastly, a very big thank you must go to the Volunteers on the James Craig who made our Joey weekend fantastic. A Big HOP HOP HOP to Caroline, Sue, Jack and the Youth Co-ordinator Erin. Right from the beginning to the end they were always making sure we were safe, having fun and making sure we learnt new things. Jack was full of information about the ship. I couldn't fault their dedication to their work and would recommend for other groups to attend.

Best part was we didn't have anyone go overboard into the water and we didn't have to tie anyone to the mast!


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