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Obituary: Honorary Commissioner Peter Docker

Honorary Commissioner Peter Docker passed away on 14 September at the age of 87, having given over 55 years service to Scouts in NSW.

Having been a Cub, Scout and Rover at 2nd/3rd Lindfield, Peter started his service as a Leader by co-founding the Sea Scout Troop at his old Group. He then served as a Senior Scout Leader and Group Leader before moving to Branch HQ, where he became the first Branch Commissioner for Sea Scouts.  During his 7 years in this role he inaugurated the annual NSW State Scout Regattas, which included sailing, rowing, canoes, rafts. This event was not just for Sea Scouts, but for all Scouts, Venturers and Rovers.  These became major events in the Scouting calendar, with Peter as the major driving force, and had the wider effect of broadening water activities for all Scouts throughout NSW, a legacy which continues today.

He was also the prime mover in the creation of the State Water Activities Base at Woolwich, including convincing his neighbour, who was the CEO of Coca Cola in Australia, that sponsorship of the project by Coke would be a really good idea.

In 1971 the Chief Commissioner, Wal Pilz, appointed Peter as Assistant Chief Commissioner (Youth Program). For the next 7 years he oversaw the introduction of the most radical changes in Australian Scouting since its founding, The New Design. This was a complete revamp of all youth programs, including the introduction of Venturing to replace Senior Scouts, and the inclusion of girls in both Rovers and Venturers.  In 1978, with the New Design successfully implemented, he served a two-year stint as Branch Commissioner for Rovers.

Peter’s exceptional service was recognised by the award of the Medal of Merit, the Silver Acorn, and the bar to the Silver Acorn. After retiring from hands-on involvement in 1980, he continued to serve as an Honorary Commissioner –in all, more than 55 years as a Leader.

Scouts NSW would like to thank Peter for all his hard work and valued contribution to the Scouting movement over the last 55 years. 


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