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Jack Foster

We would love to say a big congratulations to Jack Foster - our first winner of the 'Scout of the Month' competition!

Jack has been chosen as this month's winner for conquering his fear of animals during a Scouting outing to Simbio Wildlife Park. It's a huge accomplishment to face your fears, and we admire Jack's bravery and perseverance!


Here is Jack's nomination description written by his Group Leader:

I am a Scout leader for 1st Cromehurst Scout Troop. It is a special needs troop & a group of us recently attended the state Agoonoree Special Needs camp at Mt Keira. On the Sunday we had an outing to Simbio Wildlife Park. One of my Scouts, Jack Foster, has an extreme fear of reptiles, birds & some animals. I was warned by the parents of his abject terror in this area. I reassured them & the Scout that we will ensure this would be taken into consideration.

I would like to nominate Jack Foster from Cromehurst Scout Troop for Scout of the Month, as this young man shaking & weak in the legs with fear, held my hand and bravely walked into the reptile enclosure. I explained that the reptiles were all behind glass & touched it to show him. I then got his trembling hand & placed it on the glass. We then went on to discuss the various snakes and he became braver with each step. I am so proud of what this young man achieved for himself, it, to me, embodies the meaning of Scouting. When we came out from the enclosure, he was a more confident & happy Scout. Jack then went on to pat other animals in the park.

Jack has also been featured in the Cromehurst Scouts newsletter, which can be found here.

For his tremendous effort, Jack will receive a Scout of the Month certificate and a prize package!

Nominations for the November round of Scout of the Month are now open. To nominate an amazing Scout who deserves recognition, send your nomination descriptions and photos to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Well done, Jack! 



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