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Did you know the Air Activity Centre based at Camden Airport has been operating since 1972? Since then thousands of Scouts and Guides have enjoyed an aviation program that Scouts in other states, and in fact other countries, can only dream of!

So, if you haven’t yet booked in your Mob, Pack, Troop or Unit, what are you waiting for?

Our volunteers all agree that whether it is their involvement in providing the various badge courses, aerodrome walks or seeing the never ending smiling faces of the youth (and more mature) members after they have been for a flight in a Scouts Australia NSW aircraft, the experience is very rewarding.

What the AAC Offers

Badge Courses

Members are introduced to the exciting world of aviation. Courses are tailored to each age group and include aspects such as aeroplane components, the phonetic alphabet, the 24‐hour clock and aircraft identification.

Aerodrome Walk

Step onto the active side of Camden airport where all the action happens. Our ground crew will guide you past the control tower, taxi‐ways, aeroplane hangars, and the refuelling station. You have a good chance of getting up close to a fire fighting helicopter!

Activity Flight

Collect your boarding pass and take‐off in one of Scouts Australia’s own aeroplanes. With your own headset, each passenger can listen to the pilot as they communicate with the control tower. The flight will take you on a scenic journey above the surrounding landscape.

Trial Instructional Flight (TIF)

Have you ever considered what it would be like to ‘fly’ an aircraft?  Why not book a TIF and with the guidance of a qualified instructor, you will fly the aircraft.


Bring your own picnic lunch for the day or make use of our great BBQ facilities.


All bookings can be made through the Air Activity Centre website.


Volunteers are always welcome – you don’t need to be a pilot - Just bring enthusiasm … and enjoy!


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