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After 5 years in the role, our current SC AT&D, Tarranne Bryan is stepping down from the SC AT&D role. Thank you Tarranne for your effort and work in the role. As a result, we’re looking for someone to take on this important position.

With a New Youth Programme coming, expanded Activities training, and a bunch of other things happening in Scouts NSW in the next couple of years, this role would suit someone who thrives on change and challenge. You’ll be working with an awesome team of Trainers, RCs AT&D, Activities, and Youth Programme people, providing leadership, mentoring, motivation and direction across the state of NSW.

Interested? Apply by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Applications should address the criteria in the position description below. Applications close Sunday 1 October, 2017.


Position Description - State Commissioner Adult Training and Development

Title: State Commissioner Adult Training and Development

Short form: SC AT&D

Reporting to: Assistant Chief Commissioner Adventurous Activities, Training, and VET

Reports: Appointed Assistant Leader Trainers and Leader Trainers.

Liaison: - Region Commissioners, Adult Training & Development - State Commissioner VET (Youth and Adult) - State Commissioner Adventurous Activities Training (Youth and Adult)

Tenure: 3 years, reviewed annually.

Purpose of the position

The State Commissioner Adult Training and Development is the volunteer member responsible to the Assistant Chief Commissioner Adventurous Activities, Training, and VET for the implementation of National Curricula for Business Training for Adult members. The SC AT&D will assist in the implementation of strategic improvements to grow the richness, appeal, relevance, consistency and quality of training across NSW (particularly in country Regions). This will need detailed planning, preparation, ensuring courses are adequately staffed, quality assurance, and quantified measurement of results using a “Plan, Do, Review” attitude. This requires driving for change and preparing Scouting membership so that everyone understands and embraces the idea of change.

The SC AT&D responsible for the implementation and delivery of the National Curricula and its policies for Adult Training & Development. Interacting with other State Commissioners (across Training and Activities), the need for clear and concise communication and cooperation is essential, to ensure a uniform and united State position on training for all stakeholders. This role will need strong leadership to drive a new culture of change and provide new opportunities with Instructors now forming part of the training team. Reviewing existing procedures, policies and team will be required to accommodate and re-position NSW Training to be at the forefront for future growth as a service function to Scouting.

The SC AT&D will drive and lead a dynamic team of ALTs, LTs, and RCs AT&D, to provide the optimum environment for nurturing training of Adult from all walks of life, so their experience are positive, motivating, and provide them with enthusiasm to deliver the best possible program to our youth members.

Supporting new leaders through a sometimes-complex system can be challenging, providing them with local support network, resources and current information on training is vital, in ensuring positive outcomes for new leaders joining the movement is achieved.

Responsibilities and Duties

While carrying out the responsibilities of the role, the SC AT&D will always uphold the purpose, principles and values of Scouts Australia, will adhere to the Adult Code of Conduct and Ethics, will abide by WOSM, National and State policies and will behave in accordance with the Scout Law and Promise. Importantly, the SC AT&D will comply with, and ensure the implementation of all applicable legislative and statutory regulations. The SC AT&D will appreciate the importance of appointment reviews and be instrumental in ensuring their implementation across the State.

The SC AT&D will manage a quality curriculum that ensures Training delivers relevant and first class adult and youth development and education programs as defined by the needs of the Youth Programme. The SC AT&D will be proactive in relation to the New Youth Programme and its implementation. He/ she will have a sound understanding of Scouts Australia Institute of Training (SAIT), as well as the operations of the Youth Councils (Scout, Venturer Scout) and the Branch Rover Council.

It is the goal of the Chief Commissioner, the DCC Team, and the Board of Directors that Scouts NSW develops a culture of openness, inclusiveness, genuine teamwork and mutual assistance. All senior positions, including the ACC & SC positions, will be both responsible and accountable for the generation and maintenance of this culture.

Further background information about the responsibilities of the SC AT&D position is available from the Assistant Chief Commissioner Adventurous Activities, Training, and VET.

Selection Criteria

You are invited to establish your claim to the position based on eight essential criteria, as well as mandatory qualifications:

Skills and Personal Attributes

  • Proven record of accomplishment of, or demonstrable capacity for, senior leadership and the effective implementation of significant organisational change.
  • Ability to develop creative and innovative ideas for improving activity participation and training.
  • Sound, evidence-based judgement, and accountable decision making.
  • Ability to work with a diverse range of stakeholders and teams.
  • Proven, successful record of accomplishment of effective teamwork among adults.
  • Proven record of accomplishment of proactive and results orientation.
  • Enthusiasm for the strategic direction of Scouts NSW, including the Strategic Plan 2016-2018 and the Chief Commissioner's seven Strategic Priorities.
  • An appropriate fit with the positive and enabling culture of Scouts NSW.

Knowledge and Experience

  •  Sound knowledge of Leader Training processes, including an understanding of Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications and requirements. Experience in a broad range of activities, as well as an understanding of the Scouts Australia Institute of Training.


  • Minimum 1 years’ Leader of Adults experience in Scouting with at least 1 year operating at a Senior State or Region level.
  • Desire to be appointed as an Assistant Leader Trainer or Leader Trainer.
  • Completed the requisite training as required for the position and hold a Wood Badge.
  • VET Sector experience, or deemed equivalent (desirable).\


This position is strategically important to Scouts NSW, with a strong achievement attitude required. The SC AT&D will be assessed on the results they achieve. Assessment will include formal annual performance reviews. The strategic performance indicators that apply to this position include:

  • Leader Training completion rates: Basic and Advanced training, increase completion rates to prior year (target is all 100% Basic completed in 1 year, 100% Advanced complete in 3 years) of commencement
  • Cert III and Cert IV completion rates by Adults members increase by >10% to 2016
  • Accredited Activities qualifications gained by NSW members, with 300 leaders holding Guide, or higher, qualification by end of 2018.
  • Team leadership: Training Team engagement, effectiveness, and structural optimisation.


For further information and background, please contact the DCC AT&S.


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