Reminder: New Child Restraint Laws and Transporting of Youth Print E-mail

Recently I have received several questions about transporting Youth in Leaders’, parents’ and other Youth Members’ vehicles.

There appear to be two main reasons for the questions: in the colder months people tend to car pool, and since March 2010 the NSW Government have changed the rules about transporting children in vehicles who are seven years and under.

When we transport Youth we need to comply with NSW State laws and Scouting’s own rules, which have been written from experience and put in place for Leaders’ guidance and protection.childrestraint

The rules for transporting young people (Joeys, siblings of Cubs and Scouts) seven and under can be found by clicking this link.

The Leader Support Guide on Transporting of Youth Members can be found by clicking here.

Before you transport Youth Members or arrange for their transport to a camp or event, take the time to familiarise yourselves with the current information. If in doubt, contact your Members Support Team member through your Region Office.

Enjoy your Scouting.
David Marston
State Commissioner for Members Support




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