Registering a Motor Vehicle in the name of the Association Print E-mail

Registering a Motor Vehicle in the name of the Association should be easy when you are equipped with the correct documentation. All you need to do is print the appropriate documents (below), arrange for your Letter of Authorisation and take the documents and the renewal notice to your local RMS office.

Checklist of documents:

  • Letter of Authorisation to the RMS from NSW State Office (Tracey Hansford) showing your vehicle registration number and the name and Driver’s Licence number of the person authorised to make the transfer. Please contact Tracey to arrange a personalised letter with your group’s information to be emailed to you. Download 
  • Printout of the ABN information.  
  • Copy of the Duty Exemption for Motor Vehicles
  • Extract of the Parliamentary Act of Incorporation
  • Transfer form from the RMS. Then email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • RMS Policy Pages  referring to Scouts NSW.


If your Group does not have an RMS Customer Number, please ask the Customer Service Officer serving you to create a new customer number for your specific group.

Please do not allow vehicles to be registered in a Member of your Group’s name on behalf of the Scout Group at their personal address. Should you have any issues in registering your vehicle please contact Tracey Hansford at NSW State Office on (02) 9735 9000 for advice and assistance.



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