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Welcome to the NSW Scout Admin Forms page.

The State Office Forms have been updated to 2014 and so you should now update your copies of all forms.

The easiest way is to use the "Download All Forms" option below. The forms are designed to be used in

Microsoft Word 97 and above. Forms are all in Document Template Format (.DOT). Note: The State Office

uses Microsoft Word 2010, and so in editing some of the forms there may be occasional issues in older

versions of Word. If you do encounter an issue, report it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


We are currently in the process of moving to PDF format for forms. Please note that some forms may

already be available in this new format. Forms already in PDF format will be listed with a Adobe PDF icon next

to them. These forms are compatible with Adobe Reader 9.x. If you are having problems viewing,

editing, saving or printing the forms please check that you have the latest version of Adobe Reader.

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These forms are Copyright Scouts Australia NSW Branch 1998 - 2014. If you are an organisation that would

like to adapt these forms for your own use, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .




E1 - Activity Notification Form Parts I and II Aug 14 Adobe PDF
E1 - Activity Notification Form Part III Aug 14 Adobe PDF
E1 - Guide to the Activity Notification Form  Aug 14 Adobe PDF
E1 - Overdue Parties Procedures Aug 14  
E4 - Notification of Activity / Skill Qualification Aug 14  
Download all Category E forms Aug 14  
AWARDS Updated   
F3 - Nomination for Queen's Scout Award Jan 14  
F4 - Application for Baden Powell Scout Award Aug 14 Adobe PDF
F6 - Grey Wolf Application Form Jan 14  
F7 - Grey Wolf Commencement Form Jan 14  
F8 - Application for International Explorer's Award Jan 14  
Quality Scouting Award Application Form Jan 14  
Download all Category F forms Jan 14  
L1 - Training Course Application Jan 15  
L2 - Training Course Nominal Roll Mar 15  
L3 - Adult Training Course Cancellation / Proposal Mar 15  
L5 - Application for Adult Training Appointment Mar 15  
L6 - Application for Recognition of Prior Learning/Skills Recognition (RPL/SR) Jan 15  
L7 - Application for Mutual Recognition Credit Transfer Jan 15  
L8 - Introductory Interview Completion Report Feb 15  
L10 - Adventurous Activities In-Service Feb 15  
L10 - Joey In-Service Feb 15  
L10 - Cubs In-Service  Feb 15  
L10 - Scouts In-Service Feb 15  
L10 - Venturers In-Service Feb 15  
L10 - Rovers In-Service Feb 15   
L10 - LOA In-Service Feb 15  
L15 - Basic Level Certificate Completion Jan 15  
L19 - Advanced Level Certificate Completion Jan 15  
L20 - Training Session Completion Report Jan 15   
Job Descriptions for Leaders Apr 13   
Download all of the Category L forms Jan 15  
HS-5 Incident, Accident, Near Miss Form  Dec 14  
Meet the HS-5 Incident, Accident, Near Miss Form    
HS-5.1 Hazard Report Nov 14  
Meet the HS-5.1 Hazard Report    
PROPERTY Updated   
P1 - Application for Permission to Borrow Jan 14  
P2 - Hire of Premises  Jan 14  
P3 - Hire of Scout Premises Application Regular Use Jan 14  
P4 - Sponsored Groups Property Agreement  Jan 14  
P5 - The P5 form is no longer in use. Please use the P2 form in the future.    
P6 - Variation in Building Insurance Value Jan 14  
P7 - Property Usage Notification Jan 14  
P8 - Group Assets Checklist Jan 14  
P9 - Overnight Activities/ Sleeping in Scout Halls Feb 14  
P10 - WHS Scout Hall Inspection Checklist Feb 14  
Download all of the Category P forms Feb 14  
R1 - Application for Registration of a Group / Section Jan 14  
R2 - Application for Registration of a Rover Crew Jan 14  
R4 - Scarf Registration Jan 14  
R5 - Application for Registration as a Deep Sea Scout Jan 14  
R6 - Application for De-Registration of a Formation Jan 14  
R7 - Application for Registration of a Scout Fellowship Jan 14  
Download all of the Category R forms Jan 14  
TRAVEL Updated   
T1 - Application for Approval to Camp or Travel Interstate Jan 14  
T2 - Application for International Letter of Introduction Jan 14  
T3 - Application for Approval to Travel Overseas Form Jan 14  
T4 - Application for Scouts NSW International Friendship Tour Jan 14  
T5 - Incoming Visitors Information (from Interstate or Overseas) Jan 14  
Download all of the Category T forms Jan 14  
A1 - Adult Membership Application Jan 15  
A2 - Adult Helper Application Jan 15  
A3 - Transfer of Adult Appointment Application Jan 15  
A4 - Notification of Leader Resignation  Jan 15  
A5 - Letter of Authority Jan 15  
A6 - Letter of Authority Notification  Jan 15  
A7 - Change of Adult Personal Particulars  Jan 15  
A8 - Leave of Absence Application Jan 15  
A9 - Notification of Leader In Charge Jan 15  
A10 - Appointment Review Notification Jan 15  
A10A - Adult Development Plan Jan 15  
A11 - Extension of Crew Leader Appointment Jan 15  
A12 - Application for Membership Scout Fellowship Jan 15  
A13 - Application for Dual Adult Appointment Jan 15  
Download all of the Category A Forms Jan 15  
YOUTH Updated   
Y1 - Application for Youth Membership Aug 14  
Y2 - Youth Member Transfer Certificate Aug 14  
Y4 - Application for a Pen Friend  Jan 14  
Y7 - Youth Member Resignation Schedule  Jan 14  
Y8 - Youth Member Reinstatement Request  Jan 14  
Y9 - Application for Appointment as a Youth Helper  Jan 14  
Download all of the Category Y forms Aug 14  
ABN Information Jan 14 Adobe PDF 
Certificate of Authority to Fundraise (Notes) Jan 14 Adobe PDF 
C2 - Office Bearers Jan 14  
C7 - Rover Crew Office Bearers Jan 14  
C9 - Region Rover Council Office Bearers Jan 14  
Download all of the Category C forms Jan 14  
M1 - Charitable Fund Raising Act Complaint Register Jan 14  
M2 - Check Consent Authority Jan 14  
M5 - Prohibited Employment Declaration Jan 14  
M6 - The M6 form is no longer in use. Please use the HS-5 form in the future.    
M7 - Planning in the Group Jan 14   
Download all of the Category M forms Jan 14  


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