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maryannePROFILE: Maryanne, 44

How long have you been involved in Scouts? Were you a youth member?
I didn’t have much to do with Scouts until I became a Joey Scout Leader in 2005. Since then all members in my family are in some way involved in Scouts. My daughter is a Cub, my son is a Scout and my husband is involved in the Group Committee.

What prompted you to train as a Joey Scout Leader? How long did it take?
My brother-in-law happens to be the Group Leader for 1st Roselea Scout Group. He came up to me one day and said “you would make a great Joey Scout Leader”. Up until this point I had no idea what a Joey Scout Leader was or did. I responded by saying “Oh, would I now!!. He ended up convincing me to become a leader. In the beginning I was very nervous but as time goes by it is getting easier.

I started the training to become a Joey Scout Leader in October of 2004 and completed the training program by June 2005. We started our mob in July 2005.

What do you think are the key benefits of being a Leader?
You get to meet some great kids – I love watching them during the meetings and the smiles on their faces when we play games or when they have completed a craft successfully.

You also get to meet some great families and develop friendships with new people.

You get to meet other wonderful people who have great ideas, who are willing to share their ideas and they are genuinely interested in helping children. Their commitment to Scouts is tireless.
Recount one of your favourite Joey experiences
For an Australia Day theme we made lamingtons. The cake was made before the meeting and cut into rectangles. The icing prepared in advance as well. The Joeys had to ice their own lamington and coat them with coconut. Many of them had never done any cooking before. This surprised me a little because I love cooking with my own children. I was amazed at how difficult they found handling a pair of tongs to turn a piece of cake and coat it with icing and then coconut but they were really proud when they succeeded in making a lamington. And the best part of course was getting to eat them.

I still feel very new to the whole Scouting movement but what I enjoy most is seeing Joeys come to a meeting eager and keen to participate. I love seeing the smiles on their faces as they walk in the door and when they succeed at doing something they haven’t done before. I love hearing stories from the parents about how their child gets the Scout uniform ready in the morning on the day that we hold our meetings and that they can’t wait to come.

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