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kentPROFILE - Kent, 23

When and why did you join Scouts Australia NSW? Do you have a brother or sister in Scouts?
Joined Joeys in 1991, My brother was in Venturers( cub to a rover) and my Dad was Group Leader at the time, now I don't have any family members in Scouts.

I joined because my brother and Dad were involved and I saw how much fun they were having and wanted to join in. Joeys was just starting up and my father thought that this was a good spot for me to start.

What are the key benefits of being a Rover?
We run our own sections, we work as a team, and everyone gets a say in crew activities. If you want to do a certain activity that many be a little different you are able to do it. 

The section is all about service and I really enjoy giving back to the sections that I have been through.

What are your favourite Rover activities?
Moots are great. 100s of Rovers having fun, enjoying themselves. Aussiemoot was held in January 2008 and we had Rovers from all over the world in NSW doing all kinds of fun stuff such as white water rafting, abseiling, wine tours, surfing, watching the cricket. It was quite an experience that will never be forgotten.



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