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Scouting takes you into a world of awesome adventures and amazing natural phenomena. Here are some Cool Facts to get you thinking about your next escapade.

DID YOU KNOW…? BATS are the only mammal capable of flight. Other mammals can glide – such as sugar gliders and flying squirrels – but only bats can fly. There are over 1000 species around the world, most of which are insectivorous. Most of the other species feed on fruit and fruit juices but three species survive on blood (collectively known as vampire bats), one feeds on small birds, and two even feed on other bats – including Australia’s very own Ghost Bat (Macroderma gigas)!

DID YOU KNOW? BIVOUAC is a term used for an encampment made with tents or temporary shelters, such as canvas. Dating from 1702, around the time of the Napoleonic Wars, it’s a French word derived from an old Swiss / Alsatian word biwacht, meaning night guard. It’s a verb too – you can say that you went bivouacking last weekend!

DID YOU KNOW? CANOES have a reputation for being unstable but, if handled properly, they can easy navigate fast flowing water and skirt around rapids. It’s important to keep your centre of gravity as low as possible. In a tandem canoe, it’s important to communicate well with our fellow paddler, too.

DID YOU KNOW? JAMBOREE refers to a large national or international gathering of Scouts. The name is thought to be derived from jambo, which is Swahili for hello – our founder, Lord Baden-Powell, spent a lot of time in this region of Africa. The 1st World Scout Jamboree was held in 1920 at Olympia in the United Kingdom and the 1st Australian Jamboree was held in 1934 at Frankston in Victoria. The next World Jamboree will be held in 2011 in Sweden and the next Australian Jamboree with be held at Cataract Scout Park in 2010 (see

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