Scout Fellowship

Scout Fellowship is for adults in Scouting. It allows members to enjoy an active role within the Scout Movement, to maintain links with their friends and to continue the ideals of service to Scouts and the broader community.

You must be at least 18 years old to become a registered member of Scout Fellowship. In NSW, many Fellowship members hold primary appointments elsewhere in Scouting and join a Fellowship to contribute their special skills and maintain social networks. There are currently 23 Scout Fellowships spread across the state, some attached to State HQ but most aligned with their local Region. Fellowships can be established to assist individual Groups, Districts and activities too, even when attached to Region.

All Fellowships are bound by a State Policy to which they can add their own rules. They are affiliates of the State Scout Fellowship Council – the peak body in NSW.

The principal aims of Scout Fellowship are:

To retain existing members

  • Stay involved - not everyone has the time to be an appointed Leader
  • Develop your skills - former youth and young adult members have a wealth of knowledge to pass on
  • Maintain social connections within Scouting
  • Harness your enthusiasm for Scout activities
  • There are specialist Scout Fellowships to suit everyone

To attract new members

  • A welcome for adults who are new to Scouting
  • An opportunity for former members to rejoin Scouts
  • An avenue into formal leadership with a youth Section
  • Opportunities for social networking
  • You can attend Australian and overseas Scouting events
  • And it allows you to participate in adventurous activities

To have fun while serving others

  • Make new friends while staying in touch with old ones
  • Continue developing life skills
  • Meet like-minded people who share your interests
  • Make a positive contribution to society


“Being involved in a specialist Fellowship is a great way to meet like-minded people who share your interests."    - Fellowship Member

Learning Life Skills

Fellowships are a great way to:

  • Continue to serve Scouts
  • Stay involved with the Scouting community
  • Participate in major Australian and overseas Scouting events
  • Connect with old friends and make new ones
  • Take part in a variety of adventurous activities.
  • Scouts takes child safety seriously

    Scouts takes child safety seriously

    Scouts takes child safety seriously

    Read more about our CHILD SAFETY policies

    Whats Next?


    Whats Next?