Queen’s Scout Award

The highest award that can be achieved in the Venturer Scout section.

The Queen's Scout Award aims to widen the interests and knowledge of Venturer Scouts and encourage them to 'look wide'. The award is designed to be challenging and encouraging for Venturer Scouts over a wide range of activities.

To achieve this prestigious award a Venturer Scout must be able to set a goal; plan progress towards that goal; organise their self and others; and maintain the determination to overcome difficulties and complete the task.

Completion of the Queen's Scout Award is a major milestone in a Venturer Scouts journey and carries an outstanding reputation within Scouting and the community.

The Award is approved by a Venturer Scouts peers at Unit Council level. This peer review aims to maintain good standards for the award and allow the Venturer Scouts efforts to be judged by those who understand their abilities and goals best.

An adult Leader or Rover Scout who has earnt the Queen's Scout Award is entitled to wear a miniature replica of the cloth badge on their uniform.

Venturer Scouts receiving their Queen's Scout Award will be notified by State Office. Further information about receiving the award at the biannual Government House presentations can be found below.

The Queen's Scout Award Ceremony and What to Expect

Queens Scout

8:00 am Awardees roll-call at the Government House gate and then rehearsal.

9.00 am Awardees’ guests to enter the grounds of Government House and proceed directly to the Ballroom.

9.40 am Presentation and Ceremony, followed by refreshments on the arcade.

11:30 am Awardees and their guests depart Government House.

It is important that Awardees arrive by 8:00am and Guests arrive by 9.00am and are on time. The presentation runs to a very strict time table. Plan your trip well and allow extra travel time to ensure you arrive promptly at the Government House gate.

As there is an absolute restriction on the number of people who may be seated inside the Ballroom, you may invite up to three (3) family or friends as your guests. All Awardees and Guests will be required to be seated within the Ballroom of Government House during the ceremony. Guests are to assemble at the Government House gate by 9:00am.

Following receipt of your RSVP, State Scout Service Centre will issue the appropriate number of Tickets by email. As admittance is strictly a ticketed entry, it is important that you bring your tickets with you on the day.

Following the ceremony Her Excellency and Mr Wilson, and the Chief Commissioner meet Awardees and guests. All visitors are encouraged to briefly join them and may look around the grounds.

A high standard of dress has always been an important and integral part of all presentation ceremonies at Government House.
Awardees are to wear the current uniform, as set out below. Variations are not allowed and will not be accepted. Anybody attending the ceremony whose dress does not meet the dress criteria stipulated may be refused permission to participate.
• Scout Shirt: dark blue, incorporating the Scout logo with short sleeve and a collar (the collar, yoke and outside of sleeves in the Section colour), pressed and tucked in.
• Long trousers (slacks) or skirt: light beige in colour and pressed.
• Belt should be black, dark brown or the current blue Scout belt with Scout buckle.
• Socks are to be beige cotton. Long Scout socks or white socks are not permitted.
• Footwear is to be either black or brown polished shoes. Joggers are not acceptable.
• Scarves are to be neatly rolled.
• Awardees and guests are reminded that the dress code within Government House does not permit non-religious headwear to be worn.

Awardees receiving their Queen’s Scout Award will be presented to Her Excellency in groups. Awardees receiving their Baden-Powell Scout Award will be presented to Her Excellency individually.

1. As your name is announced step towards Her Excellency, stopping one short pace away.
2. Salute Her Excellency.
3. Receive the Certificate with the right hand.
4. Thank Her Excellency.
5. Shake hands with the left hand. Your photograph is then taken.
6. Queen’s Scout Awardees step back to join their group, Baden-Powell Awardees return to their seat

The award presentation takes place at Government House. Government House is located in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Macquarie St, Sydney and is a historic site.

Government House has been a home to 28 Governors from 1846 to today, and the first five Governors-General from 1901-1914. The current Governor also resides at Government House. It is one of the finest examples of gothic revival architecture in NSW.

Today, Government House is used by the State Government and charitable organisations, and is open to the general public for tours. Government House is a truly spectacular landmark. Take a minute when you attend to appreciate this beautiful building and its surrounds.

Map to Government House 

Travelling by Train or Ferry: You should proceed to the Circular Quay station. Please allow a 10 – 15 minute walk to reach the gates of Government House.

Driving: If you are driving, the best parking available is the Sydney Opera House car park. Wilson Parking manages and operates this car park which serves Sydney Opera House visitors, as well as visitors to Circular Quay and Macquarie Street.

Wilson Sydney Opera House Car Park is located at 2 Macquarie Street (northern end) and is open from 6:00am to 1:00am seven days a week. Fees do apply for Saturdays and Sundays- it is a capped rate of $15.00 if you exit before 5:00pm.

For further information, please visit www.sydneyoperahouse.com/visit/parking.

If the Sydney Opera House Car Park is full, the closest public car parks are: Sir Stamford Hotel car park, Alfred Street or Intercontinental Hotel car park, Phillip Street.

There are a very limited number of disability spaces inside the gates of Government House.

If you wish to request a space, please contact State Scout Service Centre on (02) 9735 9000 or email [email protected].

Alternate disability parking spaces are located in Wilson Sydney Opera House car park.

Photography is allowed inside the ballroom at Government House and on the surrounding grounds. Your guests can take their own photographs.

Official photograph of each Awardee receiving their certificate plus a group photo will be taken by Cecilia Jackson Art and Photography.

To order photos:

  1. Go to www.ceciliajackson.art
  2. Go to “Photography” on the main menu
  3. Click “QS and BP Presentation”
  4. Fill out the form with your details and click “Submit”
  5. You will receive details on how to make your payment and gain access to the secure gallery to download your photos, within two weeks of the presentation.
  • Scouts takes child safety seriously

    Scouts takes child safety seriously

    Scouts takes child safety seriously

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