Meet our Jambassadors

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Amy and Toby are our Lead Jambassadors for the AJ2022 NSW Contingent and they will be helping guide you through what it's like to attend a Jamboree.

Both Amy and Toby have attended Australian Jamborees and were lucky enough to attend the 24th World Scout Jamboree in North America in 2019.

They have lots of great tips to share on what to expect, what to bring, what to look out for, and what to avoid!

They'll also be available to talk to participants at some of the events in the lead-up to AJ2022.

If you've attended an Australian Jamboree and had such an awesome time, you'd like to encourage others to go, then please let us know via the 'Join the Team' page.

Amy and Toby would love to see you there!


Meet Toby

Hi everyone,
I’m Toby and I’ve been in Scouting for about 8 years. I love it.
I look forward to meeting you at AJ2022.

What do I love best about Jamborees?

  • You meet people who you’ve never met before.
  • The comedy night - it’s absolutely worth every minute!
  • Spending time away from home and just being in the outdoors.

Who am I?

  • I am a pro at Mario Kart Wii. If you think you can beat me, let me know and we can try race!
  • I enjoy long walks on the beach
  • I'm great for long chats and listening
  • Follow me on Instagram - @grumpyphotographyperson
  • I play lots of computer games.

Meet Amy

Hi there,

I’ve been in the Scouting movement for a little longer than Toby - almost 13 years.
I absolutely love camping and hiking and I really enjoy meeting new people.
I’m definitely an extrovert!
I also love music and travelling.

What do I love best about Jamborees?

  • Meeting people was the best.
  • I really enjoyed being able to go on stage and participate in AJs Got Talent 2016 and then - it at AJ2019!
  • I like being independent but also part of a team. Being at the Australian Jamboree really opens your eyes up on how to work together, while still choosing your own adventure.
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