News and Resources

Are you ready to promote AJ2022 in your local area? Then look no further! Check out the awesome resources below.
Launching AJ2022

Launching AJ2022?

These NSW Guidelines and Links will help you on your way.

How to run a great launch

Tips to run a great launch

Check out some tips and tricks to help launch AJ2022 in your local area.

Jamboree Info Night

Jamboree Info Invite

Organising an event to promote AJ2022? Here's an invite template to help you on your journey. Just edit the details highlighted in red to relate to your event and you're good to go!

AJ2022 Presentation and Speaker Notes

Released November 2020, this awesome presentation is available for you to promote AJ2022 to your local Scouts and Groups. The download includes the presentation and speaking notes. Click here to play the You're Invited to AJ2022 video mentioned in the presentation.

Group Participation Poster

Get to know who is interested in attending AJ2022 by encouraging members to sign up their Expression of Interest and add their name to the list in your hall.

Starter Info Pack for Leaders

Starter Info Pack for Leaders

Launched in September 2020 to give a brief overview of AJ2022 to Scout Leaders in NSW

Group Fundraising Poster

Want to promote fundraising for AJ2022 in your Group?

Why not hang up this poster and fill in the thermometer as you get closer to your goal!

Scout Fundraising Poster

Ready to save for AJ2022? Why not use this awesome poster to keep track and hit your goal!