Become a Youth Member

Helping your child join Scouts has never been easier!

Scouts NSW provides a safe and supportive environment for young Aussies aged 5 to 25 to make new friends, embark on adventures, learn skills for life, and most importantly, have fun!

The best way to ensure your child can create and experience long-lasting memories through Scouts is to sign them up as a Youth Member.

Help your child join Scouts by completing the Youth Membership Application Form (Y1). Click the button below to get started!

FAQs for Parents

Y1 Applicants

If you have any questions about the Youth Membership Application, or require support, please contact the Scouts NSW Member Services Department on (02) 9735 9000 or [email protected] between the office hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Paper-based forms will be accepted where an online form can’t be used until 1 February 2020 and paper forms will no longer be accepted or processed beyond this date.

CareMonkey is an online platform that manages your child’s medical details as well as your permissions and approvals for them to participate in Scouts activities. CareMonkey is used by Scout Groups to manage relevant and important information relating to a member while participating in Scout events. The platform requires some basic medical information about your child and includes the ability to provide consent for activities.

As part of the online Y1 application, an invitation will be sent to you to create a CareMonkey profile for your child. CareMonkey is used across most Groups, however, there may be some Groups that are not currently using CareMonkey. Please ask your Section Leader for more information.

To find out more about CareMonkey, click here.

You can fill out an expression of interest form that indicates your child’s interest. Click here to fill out the form.

When you’re ready, you can contact your local Group to find out more information and begin the membership application process. Find your local group here.

You should be able to use any of the common browsers to complete forms on the Scouts NSW website. If you are experiencing technical issues, please contact the Scouts NSW Member Services Department on (02) 9735 9000 or [email protected] between the office hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

After you complete the online Y1 form, you’ll receive an email confirming we’ve received your application. Your Group Leader will review and approve your application, at which point your child will begin their trial period and you will receive an email invitation to join CareMonkey.

Yes. Once you have personally visited or made direct contact with your Scout Group, you’ll need to fill in the online Y1 form to be approved to start the provisional trial period. Your Section Leader will provide you with a flyer that contains instructions for completing the Y1 Form.

All new youth member applicants (aged 5 to 18) who apply for membership with Scouts NSW must complete a Y1 form. The Y1 form is now available online and should be used instead of the traditional paper-based Y1 form. The paper-based Y1 form will no longer be accepted or processed after 1 February, 2020 (term 1).

FAQs for Group Leaders/Leaders in Charge

Y1 For Group Leaders/Leaders in Charge

If the applicant doesn’t complete their trial period, the system will automatically delete their details after six weeks. You will receive a reminder email two weeks prior to the end of the six-weeks period if you haven’t already endorsed the provisional (trial) member for full membership by this time.

For user questions, please contact Member Services at [email protected]. If you experience technical issues with the form, please contact the IT department at [email protected].

A hyperlink to the online endorsement form will be displayed in each Y1 email notification sent to Group Leaders labelled ‘FOR ENDORSEMENT’. Each hyperlink is unique, and leads to a secure web page.

All parents/carers will be asked to use the online Y1 form. You will also need to provide an E1 form if your Group isn’t on CareMonkey. The E1 form can be accessed here.

As a Group Leader/Leader in Charge, you simply need to:

  • Monitor your emails for any new Youth membership applications.
  • Assess each application before approving or endorsing them in ScoutLink.
  • Manage the applicant’s progress through the application, provisional (trial), and full membership stages of the youth joining Scouts journey.
  • Notify your Region Office if there are any issues with an application.

Paper-based forms are still available for now but will be withdrawn from availability in January 2020. Therefore, we recommend you begin using the online version of Y1 as soon as possible. Paper-based forms will continue to be accepted and processed until 1 February 2020. After this time, all Y1 applications will need to be completed using the online forms.

In some exceptionally rare circumstances, an applicant may need to access a paper-based Y1 form after this date. In such cases, permission will be required from your Region Commissioner and the paper form will be supplied and processed by the Region Office Manager.

Scouts NSW has prepared a customisable ‘Become a Youth Member’ flyer template for Group Leaders to customise and distribute to the parents/carers of prospective youth member applicants who will need to complete a Y1 form.

You can download the PDF customisable flyer here and the Microsoft Word customisable flyer here. Simply use Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word to fill in the custom field with your Group name. Then, print out the flyer and distribute it to prospective members.

If you need any support using this resource, please contact the Member Services Department at [email protected].

The process for the online Youth Membership Application Form (Y1), as at 14 October 2019, is detailed below:

Step 1: The Youth Member applicant’s parent or primary carer completes the online Y1 form and the details are automatically entered into ScoutLink. The parents receive an email welcoming them to Scouts.

Step 2: The Region Office Manager (ROM) and Group Leader (GL) or Leader in Charge (LIC) receive an email advising an application is waiting to be approved in ScoutLink by the GL/LIC.

Step 3 (action required from GL/LIC): The GL/LIC approves the application in ScoutLink, confirming the applicant is now a provisional (trial) member. This allocates the applicant a Scout membership number and generates an email to the parent/carer, which includes their membership number. The parent/carer will also receive a separate email inviting them to create a CareMonkey account for the youth applicant.

Step 4: The applicant, ROM, and GL/LIC receive an email confirming that the applicant is now in provisional (trial) status, including the applicant’s Scout number. This email reminds the GL/LIC that, when the applicant’s trial period ends, which is dependent on the specific Group’s practice regarding length of trial periods, they should go into ScoutLink and endorse the applicant as a full member.

Step 5: The applicant can now fully participate in all Scout activities as part of their trial period. This period may be as short as one week or as long as a maximum of six weeks, depending on your group’s needs.

Step 6 (action required from GL/LIC): When the applicant has completed their provisional (trial) period, the GL/LIC endorses their application in ScoutLink, at which point the applicant becomes a full member and the Group will be billed according to existing policies.