Welcome to the ScoutLink information page for Scouts NSW. Please use the buttons below to navigate this page. 

ScoutLink is used to assist formations with managing their interactions with State and Region and allow them to take control of their Scouting administration. It allows for real time updating of members details, viewing of up to date training information and statistics for Formations/Districts/Regions/State, simpler simpler Census and Invoicing processes and better management of Child Protection requirements.

ScoutLink has been optimised for use on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Both are available for free download, and we recommend that you use one of these browsers.

Updating Formation and Venue Data on ScoutLink

The information in Group and Venue search functions on this website are sourced from ScoutLink. If you find that the information listed in the Group and Venue search functions is incorrect or out-of-date, please contact your Formation Administration Officer to update the information.

The following Formation and Venue information can be updated on ScoutLink by following this guide.

  • Group Leader contact details
  • Section meeting times
  • Hall information
  • Contact information for the Hall booking officer - including email and phone number.

Help Desk

If you experience any problems please contact us on [email protected]. When logging an issue with the help desk, please make sure you include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your preferred contact details
  • What ScoutLink application you are working in
  • What your issue is
  • Any error messages or screen shots you can save
  • Any records or information you are attempting to access/enter/view/find.

Remember that the more information you can give us upfront, the quicker we can resolve your call.