Membership Payments

Membership of Scouts NSW involves two fees – an annual State Membership fee that covers member’s insurance, training, member and property services, communications and more. The second fee is a local Group charge (usually per term) and can vary with what your Scout Group is doing each term.

The Group fee is paid directly to the Group – please ask the leader for more information.

The State Membership fee is invoiced annually in April each year and covers through to 31 March the following year. It is paid through an online payments portal. Members will receive a fees email with a link to pay.

The Process (Step-by-step)

Membership Payments FAQ


The State Membership Fee is an annual fee set by Scouts NSW and covers the costs of essential services and behind-the-scenes operations at a Region and State level to ensure members can enjoy Scouting now and into the future. This includes members’ public liability and personal accident insurance. The Fee is payable by members of Scouts NSW each year. In 2022, the cost of the State Membership Fee is $250. Learn more about the State Membership Fee, including what it covers, here.

Groups may charge additional fees (usually by term) to cover the program and local activities.

No – your State Membership fee is now paid through the online system. Watch out for your invoice by email, click on the link, then choose your payment option and pay. You will still pay any additional Group fees direct to the group – this is usually each term.

Scouts NSW has a Family Support Fund that assists youth members and Rovers with the costs of participating in Scouts. You can see more information on eligibility and how to apply here. Families can also speak with their Group Leader about their individual circumstances and getting assistance.

2022 Information

Your invoice will be emailed directly to the primary email address you have listed on your membership record on ScoutLink. You should receive it by the end of April 2022 and it covers the period through to 31 March 2023.

You can update your email address via Operoo.

If you are eligible for the State Government’s Active Kids voucher scheme (2 x $100 vouchers annually – see information here), you can redeem one or both vouchers against the annual $250 cost. Simply go to the payment portal (, choose the AKV option. This is a six monthly option where both AKVs will go towards the membership fee, leaving a $50 balance to be paid.

When paying, go to the AKV options – where you can choose to pay $150 now, but the balance by your second AKV when it becomes available. You will be emailed a reminder in July to claim your AKV and then redeem it for Scouts.

No – there are payment options. You can pay the full fee upfront, or use AKVs and pay the balance, or you can opt for a quarterly payment plan, paying the first quarter only now.

No, the system has a range of payment options including credit or debit cards, or you can use BPAY.

No, you only pay a pro rata (by month) amount depending when you join (and Joining Fee if applicable). You will be billed on the first day of the month after you join.

Members have 30 days from the invoice issue date to pay the invoice or to enter into a payment plan.

At Day 30, a reminder notice will be sent to any member whose payment is.

A member will then have 30 days to pay the invoice or enter into a payment plan.

Unfortunately, our records had not been updated that you were no longer in Scouts. Please email your name and group to [email protected] and they will update the records and cancel the invoice.

In 2021, fees were invoiced across four quarters rather than in one invoice. Members may have missed paying one or more of the invoices, in which case the outstanding amount will show on this year’s invoice as due for payment.

They will receive their invoice from late April, at the same time as youth members. Leaders attached to a Group will not receive an individual invoice as a consolidate group invoice will be sent to Group Treasurers this year.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer any refunds as the State Membership Fee is an annual charge that has to cover annual costs like member insurance.

Group Information

No – in 2022, Group Treasurers will receive a consolidated invoice for all their group leaders and will be able to pay by EFT transfer.

Yes. All Region Commissioners, State Commissioners and Board Directors will be invoiced for 50% of the State Membership Fee. This will be payable online.

The Board has extended the waiving of fees for DLs/DCs until April 2023.

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