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The Payments Portal is the invoicing and payment system for the State Membership Fee. This is a process change from members paying their State Membership Fee to Scout Groups, then Groups paying this to State.

The membership payment portal aims to give members a simple, consistent and streamlined way of paying their Scouts NSW State Membership Fee.

In the past, members would pay their State Membership Fee (in addition to any local Group-level fees) to their Scout Group in either annual or quarterly instalments at the discretion of the Group. Scout Groups would then pay the State Membership Fee portion to Scouts NSW. This indirect process increased the administrative workloads of Group Leaders and Group Treasurers, as well as Regions administering debt collection. The introduction of the Active Kids rebate also added to Group Treasurers’ workloads.

With the payment portal, members themselves are able to manage their payment of their State Membership Fee in a simple, direct transaction to Scouts NSW. They are also able to redeem their Active Kids rebate vouchers with Scouts and have this credit automatically applied to their payment for the State Membership Fee in one simple process.

For Scout Groups, this means less time administering the State Membership Fee and more time to focus on local Scouting operations.

The Scouts NSW State Membership Fee, as well as the one-off joining fee for new members.

All local-level Group fees will remain at the discretion of the Scout Group.

Payment of the Scout State Membership Fee through the membership payment portal commenced with a staged roll out in 2021. In 2022, the annual fee will be invoiced on 1 April 2022 and will include a range of payment options including use of the Active Kids Voucher.

The State Membership Fee is an annual fee set by Scouts NSW which covers the costs of essential services and behind-the-scenes operations at a Region and State level to ensure members can enjoy Scouting now and into the future. This includes members’ public liability and personal accident insurance. The Fee is payable by members of Scouts NSW each year. In 2022, the cost of the State Membership Fee is $250. Learn more about the State Membership Fee, including what it covers, here.

From 2022, the invoice date for the State Membership Fee is 1 April every year for all members.

All existing youth and adult members of Scouts NSW will be billed their State Membership Fee.

Your invoice will be emailed directly to the primary email address you have listed on your membership record on ScoutLink. For adults in Scouting, this will be your Scouts NSW email address if you have activated it.

You can update your email address via Operoo.

You will receive an email with a copy of your invoice. This email contains a link to an online payment gateway, where you will be able to process your payment for the fee.

The link will take you to a payment gateway, payment to be made by credit card.

Please use the question form on the right hand side of this web page to submit questions you have about the membership payment process.

The Process

Step 1: Member will receive their State Membership Fee invoice via email

Step 2: In the email, the member will be able to access a link to the secure online payment gateway.

Step 3: In the online payment gateway, the member will select their payment option including Active Kids vouchers.

Step 4: The member will be prompted to enter their payment details. The accepted payment methods include credit card, debit card and Active Kids rebate voucher.

Step 5: The payment will be processed. A confirmation message will appear on the screen, and a payment receipt will be emailed to the member for their records.

Step 6: The member’s Scouts NSW membership record is updated to reflect their status and ‘financial to’ date.

Members can pay their State Membership Fee via credit card, debit card and Active Kids rebate vouchers.

The State Membership Fee invoice will be issued to members directly via email.

For youth members, the invoice will be sent to their parent’s email address as listed on ScoutLink (Parent 1).

For adult members, the invoice will be sent to their Scouts NSW email address (if activated). If the member has not activated their Scouts NSW email address, the invoice will be sent to their personal address as listed on ScoutLink.

From 2022, annual payment plan options will be available.

Yes, the member will receive an automated email reminder prior to their next payment instalment date.

Active Kids Vouchers can be used towards the cost of the State Membership Fee. There are some State government restrictions though (they can only be used in the eligible year, and only to pay balances of more than $100. No credit can be carried forward). You can read more about AKVs here.

Members have 30 days from the invoice issue date to make a payment towards their State Membership Fee.

If a member does not make a payment or enter a payment plan within the 30-day payment period, the member will be sent a reminder notice notifying them that they have a final seven (7) day period to do so.

If payment still has not been made at the end of the final seven (7) days’ notice, the member will be resigned in the membership database.

At this stage, an email will be sent to the member notifying them of the resignation.

An email will also be sent to the Group Leader/Leader in Charge to notify them that the member is resigned and can no longer attend or participate in Scouting activities, whether at Group, District, Region or State level.

There is no expectation for Scout Groups to carry missed payments or non-payments by members in their Group.

No – each member will receive one invoice for the State Membership Fee per year.

If a member opts in to a payment plan, the member will receive an automated email notification 30 days before the next payment instalment date to remind them that the next payment will be deducted from their nominated credit or debit card.

The payment plan (from April 2022) is a quarterly payment of set instalments. For an existing member who opts into the payment plan, the instalment dates will be as follows:

  1. 1 April
  2. 1 July – the payment will be processed in the first week of the month
  3. 1 October – the payment will be processed in the first week of the month
  4. 1 January – the payment will be processed in the first week of the month

Members will receive automated email notifications 30 days before the next instalment date (except the initial 1 April date) to remind them that the next payment will be deducted from their nominated card.

No. Any member whose payable amount is less than $100 will be prompted to pay the entire amount upfront via credit card or debit card.

The Payment Portal

All payments for the State Membership Fee will be processed through an online secured payment gateway.

No. Members will not be charged additional fees for using the payment gateway.

User Scenarios

If a member joins your Scout Group part-way through the Scouts Financial Year, Scouts NSW will send them an invoice on the first day of the month directly after they are endorsed as a ‘full member’ of Scouts NSW.

This invoice will include the one-off joining fee, and a pro-rated charge of the State Membership Fee, backdated to the start of the month they were endorsed through to the end of that financial year.

The adult member will be charged their State Membership Fee once they are cleared and are a Trainee Leader. Scouts NSW will send the adult member an invoice on the first day of the month directly after this occurs.

For Venturers who are already 18 or will be turning 18 during the billing period, they will be billed until 31 December.

While in previous years it has been invoiced quarterly, the State Membership Fee has always been an annual fee payable by all members of Scouts NSW.

If a member decides to resign part-way through the Scouting year and has paid their State Membership Fee upfront, the member will forfeit the balance of their fee.

If the member has opted in to a payment instalment plan for their State Membership Fee, the remaining payable balance of their fee will be automatically deducted from their nominated credit card/debit card upon their resignation from Scouts NSW.

Rover Scouts who turn 26 during the financial year will be billed the State Membership Fee on a pro-rata from April through to the month they turn 26 (inclusive). The Rover Scout will then be resigned from ScoutLink as a member.

If a Rover Scout returns as a Leader, the direct billing process starts again. The member will be invoiced the State Membership Fee prorated from the month they are ‘endorsed’ as a Leader until the end of that financial year (31 March).

If a Rover Scout also holds a Leader appointment, their Leader appointment takes precedence and they will be charged for this appointment.

If the member returns within the ‘financial to’ date listed on their ScoutLink record, they will not be invoiced the State Membership Fee until the ‘financial to’ date has lapsed.

If the member returns after their ‘financial to’ date has lapsed, they will be invoiced a prorated State Membership Fee from the month they return to Scouting through to the end of that financial year (31 March).

Members who receive assistance through the Family Support Fund will still receive their invoice. They will then forward this invoice to their Group for payment.

Scouts NSW members who hold a NSW Pensioner Concession Card in their name may be eligible for a discount on their State Membership Fee if they hold a current uniformed adult membership appointment and submit a copy of their NSW Concession Card to the Scouts NSW Member Services Team.

The proof of concession card should be submitted to [email protected] prior to the State Membership Fee invoice run on 1 April each year. New members should submit their proof of Pensioner Concession card at the time of application.


Yes, Group Leaders/FAOs will be able to check their members’ financial status. This will be listed in each member’s ScoutLink record under the ‘Invoices’ tab.

Group Leaders will also receive an email notification in the event that a member in their Scout Group has not paid their State Membership Fee within the payment period (30 days + final 7 day notice) and has been resigned.

The email addresses parents/guardians enter into Operoo (formerly known as CareMonkey) are synced to their child’s ScoutLink records daily.

We encourage families to keep their child’s Operoo profile up to date with the correct contact details (including email address) to ensure this is reflected in their ScoutLink record.

Each member will be directly billed the full amount of the State Membership Fee and will be responsible for paying this amount.

However, where a Scout Group currently offers discounts to its members, the Group can continue to manage this locally at their discretion.

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