Information for Groups

The Scouts NSW Board of Directors approved the roll out of Operoo (formerly known as CareMonkey) for all Scout Groups in NSW. This is a game changer for Scouting in NSW as it will introduce a fully online application for families that will support the local management of medical details. Groups will now be able to manage Scout activities and the permissions to attend through an online, electronic process. This will eliminate the need for paper E1 forms for these activities.

Care Monkey For Groups

The email address in the Parent Email Address in the Parents Tab for youth members under the age of 18 will be used as the profile owner – the person who gives consent.

The email address in the Member Summary Tab for young adults and adult members over the age of 18 will be used as the profile owner – the person who gives consent.

Medical and emergency contact details are the primary data, no more than you would have been asked to provide on a paper form. We also ask for a doctor’s contact details, as well as Action Plans for Asthma and Anaphylactic Allergies. The more information you provide, the better placed your Group will be to provide assistance in an emergency.

Scout Formations (Scout Groups, Rover Crews, and Fellowships) are all welcome to register their interest in using Operoo by emailing [email protected].

A member of the Scouts NSW Operoo Team will confirm the Formation’s eligibility based on a data check. Your Formation must have a minimum of 80% of the data in ScoutLink correct to be eligible.

To ensure your Formation is activated onto Operoo as soon as possible, please ask Parents to update their contact details by filling in the form here.