Optimus Prime is a program of change with a goal of making Scout Business Smarter. This Board approved program commenced in October 2017 following an Organisation Review and the establishment of the project management office.

Over the next 18 months Optimus Prime will deliver this program of work. Creating a more progressive and transparent organisation.

All projects under Optimus Prime have a shared set of benefits to increase membership, customer satisfaction and revenue while reducing cost, administration and risk. Projects under Optimus Prime will follow the approved project life cycle 'Conceive - Plan - Do - Review' to provide consistent, traceable and manageable projects with a higher success rate. Over 50 projects have been included that directly and indirectly support Group Leaders, Leaders and families who participate in Scouting.

The current status of all projects can be found on the Projects page. This page is constantly updated to inform the Scouting community of the exciting progress of Optimus Prime.