State Commissioner (Adventurous Activities)

The State Commissioner (Adventurous Activities) is a team leader within the Youth Program and Support portfolio and heads up the team who will provide support for many of the outdoors and adventurous activities, including the District and Region team members who also frontline support to facilitate adventurous activities.

The State Commissioner (Adventurous Activities) will lead a team of State Leaders each who are subject matter experts in ten different areas of adventurous activities.

As well, the State Commissioner (Adventurous Activities) will be responsible for ensuring Scouts NSW has enough Instructors and Guides to ensure young people across the state have an awesome outdoors experience.

Key responsibilities include:
– Ensuring Activity Teams are providing opportunities for Leaders and youth members to participate in Adventurous Activities.
– Ensuring that members skills and knowledge gained through training and participation in Adventurous Activities are recognised through adult training and development and/or youth program pathways (as appropriate) and members are aware of the availability of nationally recognised qualifications available through the Scouts Australia Institute of Training (SAIT).
– Ensuring than Adventurous Activities are delivered safely and that leaders responsible for overseeing adventurous activities understand risk management processes and procedures
– Coordinating the development and maintenance of Adventurous Activity policies and procedures with support from the State Leaders of the activity disciplines
– Ensure Scouts NSW website information that related to Adventurous Activities is correct and reviewed regularly

The 2021 State structure was recently announced. More information is available to answer questions asked during the feedback period.

This position is open to any member or supporter who has an associated area of expertise or interest and who believes they can make a positive difference to Scouting in NSW.

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