Sustainable Scouting

Scouting is one of the longest-running youth organisations in the world.

Our youth members are the next generation of leaders in Australia. Our volunteers represent the best of local communities across NSW, giving their time to help our young people flourish. For over 100 years, we've delivered skills for life through adventurous outdoor activities.

But 2020 - 2021 was a challenge. The impact of the drought, bush fires and the global pandemic has left many organisations across Australia in a difficult financial position. It’s no different for Scouts NSW, and we are facing some tough decisions to ensure our longevity.

This year, we are taking decisive actions to set up our organisation for a sustainable future.

Our Actions

1. Reducing costs from the Scouts NSW State budget by 15 per cent
2. Increasing the State Membership Fee to $270 and the joining fee to $60 for the 2023 Scouts NSW Financial Year
3. Moving membership billing to an annual cycle and commencing direct invoicing of youth and adult members
4. Selling under-utilised properties that are expensive to maintain
5. Region and State Commissioners to pay 50% of the State Membership Fee
6. Lifting patronage of the State Activity Centres by external customers

By taking the above actions, we aim to be financially viable so we can fulfil our mission, to deliver efficiencies that meet member and community expectations, to satisfy our legislative requirements, and to stay responsive to the external environment by managing any emerging risks and capitalising on new opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our aim is to be financially viable, long into the future.

This means delivering a small operating surplus each year, managing our assets and commercial activities effectively so they generate profitable returns, and being able to deliver our services effectively.

Our ultimate ambition is to be able to keep delivering skills for life to young people across NSW.

Many companies and charities across Australia had a difficult year in 2020.

Research by wealth manager JB Were at the end of last year found that there was a 7 per cent fall in charitable donations in 2020. Researchers have also predicted that one in seven Australian charities is at risk of folding by September 2021.

The decisions have been made by the Board of Directors. They were fully informed by detailed financial analysis. Each decision was deliberated over and feedback from Scouting representatives was sought, to ensure the Board fully understood the likely implications.

  • We are running a number of meetings for members to talk through the initiatives we are taking, and to provide an opportunity to ask questions, share ideas and discuss solutions.
  • You can also complete this form to share your suggestions.
  • If you prefer, you can email [email protected].

Our Objectives

Sustainable Scouting aims to achieve three objectives:


Our Chair of the Board of Directors and Treasurer wrote to all adults in Scouting in January about Sustainable Scouting. A copy of these letters can be viewed by clicking the buttons below.

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Our Actions

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