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Are you a Scout or Venturer who wants to participate in World Jamborees? If you are up for the adventure but face challenges being able to participate due to financial constraints, there is a Fund that you can apply for to help make your dream come true – the John and Marie Hill World Scout Jamboree Trust Fund.

A bit about John Hill

William Charles John Hill joined 3rd Glebe Troop in 1926. He later became a Patrol Leader.

John was impressed with older Scouts he met at regional events. Their Scouting skills, appearance, and self-confidence inspired him to achieve a King’s Scout award (now known today as the Queen's Scout Award) and become a Troop Leader. John was the only child of a low-income family.

He was assisted by the Federal Government and fundraising from the local Scout Troop, to attend the 1929 World Jamboree in England. During the six-week sea voyage (sea voyage was the only way that most people travelled around the world back then), John learned social and life skills. The World Jamboree was everything John had hoped for. Exciting activities shared with people of many races, colours, and creeds, drawn together by the common bond of the Scout Law and Promise.

As an only child, he recognised the value of the brotherhood of Scouting. The Post-Jamboree tours of England and host family hospitality also taught John skills that helped him throughout his life. This great adventure was life-changing.

John enlisted in the Militia (a part of the Australian Army) and retired with the rank of Colonel.

In 1954 John Hill was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) by HRH Queen Elizabeth II at Government House in Sydney for his service to Scouting.

Mindful of his own life-changing experiences by attending a World Jamboree, John set up The John & Marie Hill World Jamboree Trust Fund in 2002. This fund helps to send Scouts and Venturers to every World Jamboree. To be considered for selection, applicants need to demonstrate enthusiasm and complete many challenges from the award scheme as well as keeping the Promise and living by the Scout Law.

Historical photograph of John Hill
John Hill


Applications are welcome from Scouts and Venturer members of Scouts NSW that have shown a high level of achievement in their Scouts experience to date and may see attending a World Scout Jamboree as out of reach for them to afford.

Joeys, Cubs, Rovers and Leaders are not eligible for this fund. Applicants must have achieved at least OAS Camping Stage 4 prior to submitting their application.

How to apply

Applying for funding from The John & Marie Hill World Jamboree Trust Fund is a 5 step process:

1. Eligible youth members fill in and submit the application form

2. The parent/carer of the applicant will be contacted and asked to complete a permission form

3. The applicant’s section leader will also be contacted and need to complete a supporting form

4. A final supporting form will be requested from the applicant’s Group Leader or another relevant Adult Leader

5. The Trust Fund committee will then review all the applications and notify members of the outcome

World Jamboree Registration

If you haven’t already registered for the World Scout Jamboree in the International Registration System, now is also a good time to do that. Click here to register.

More information

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]