Activity Pack

Compiled by the State Youth Program Sustainability Team, this Activity Pack highlights some of the things you can do in the Special Interest Areas and Outdoor Adventure Skills spaces to help you keep connected through Scouting.

Whether you’re looking for a new challenge, to try something new or to work on an existing interest, this is the space for you. Click through and dive into our Activity Pack!

Special Interest Areas

Loving an activity suggested here? Why not turn it into a Special Interest Area project.

Remember you need to Plan>Do>Review>

Goal Setting and Planning Resources are available here under the Special Interest Areas tab.


Bee Hotels

You’re spending time in your own home, but ever thought of building a home for some of your native bees? ...
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Plants growing out of book

Fractured Fairytales

There are lots of Fairy Tales around the world, but what would've happened if the story was a bit different? ...
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Rube Goldberg Machine

Want to solve simple tasks whilst being deliberately funny, silly and incredibly over the top? Try the Rube Goldberg Machine! ...
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Bag of money with word budget on it next to wood house toy

Building a Budget

Want to get better at saving or be a bit more responsible with your money? Then budgeting is for you! ...
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Someone painting a potato

Potato Printing

Ever tried to make your own creative stamp? Do you have a design you want to see come to life? ...
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Plant growing with light bulb surrounding it

[email protected]

Doing your part to make the world a better place starts at home. Is your house sustainable? Here's the plan! ...
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Music keys on chalkboard

Learn a New Song

Got a passion for music and have an instrument just lying around? Have a go at learning a new song! ...
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Making a scrap book

Create a Picture Book

Got a creative short story you want to illustrate? Why not design a picture book? Plan What is your story? ...
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Sport equipment

Design your own Sport

Ever had an idea for a game and want to bring it to life? Create your sport following these steps! ...
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Little girl with superhero mask and cape

A Focus on Fitness

With limitations on activities outside the house, exercising at home is extremely important. Why not try making your own program? ...
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Write a Letter

Do you know someone who needs a bit of cheering up? Why not send them a comforting letter. Here's how: ...
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Build your own Street Library

Are you an avid reader? Want to spread the joy and warmth you get from reading with the wider community? ...
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