Our Stories

The Our Stories Patrol works in partnership with Scouts NSW Heritage and History to preserve the stories of participants involved in Scouts NSW. They aim […]

Joey Scout & Cub Scout Involvement

Aims to allow the Cub Scouts and Joey Scouts to have more of an involvement in the decision making for their activities. The Patrol mainly […]

Sustainable Development Goals

Already Scouts around the world have contributed more than one billion hours towards sustainable development through initiatives under the Better World Framework. Now imagine the […]

Artistic and Advertising Managers

This team works alongside the other Project Patrols to publish content and other requested materials to efficiently market, collaborate and create these posts. To increase […]

Project 17

With working alongside the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), this Project Patrol is creating a library of resources for Units to access that include […]

Online Scouting

In light of COVID-19, this Project Patrol has been working on programs which Groups can implement in their virtual Scouting nights. These programs incorporate various […]

Bushfire Recovery

Intending to assist the regeneration and recovery of the recent bushfire season, this Project Patrol is focusing on animal pouches for koalas, possums, wallabies and […]