Can I cut down a dead tree that is yet to fall?

Scouts NSW has prohibited the felling of trees by members, supporters and employees.

Where there is a requirement to remove trees from Scouts NSW premises the services of an arborist/tree removal company professionally qualified in the removal of trees must be used.

If the Scouting activity is occurring on a non-Scouts NSW’s premises, contact the owner of the premises and ask whether they are able to remove the tree so that your activity can be undertaken safely. In the event that the tree cannot be removed consider whether the activity can be relocated to another part of the activity site. Where this can be achieved set up an exclusion zone around the tree to prevent access by participants. Make sure that everyone is briefed as to why the exclusion zone exists. In the event that the activity cannot be relocated, consideration must be given as to whether the activity should be cancelled. This will be an integral part of the risk assessment undertaken for the activity/event.