I have received my Group’s weekly report of Active Kids Voucher Redemptions, and have noticed that some families who have redeemed their Active Kids vouchers haven’t been listed. Why is this the case?

The weekly report of Active Kids Voucher Redemptions sent to Group Leaders and Treasurers each Friday capture the names of youth members who have successfully redeemed their Active Kids vouchers on the Scouts NSW website, as at close of business Wednesday of that week. Any vouchers redeemed after that time will be listed in the following week’s report.

If there are any inconsistencies between the details submitted on the Scouts NSW website and the details in Scoutlink, they will not be included in the list, as they require further action by the Members Services team. These errors include:

  • Misspelt First Name or Surname
  • The wrong Date of Birth,
  • Incorrect Scouts NSW membership number, and/or
  • Incorrect Active Kids voucher number.

In the case of an error, a member of the Members Services Department will contact the youth member’s parent or carer directly via phone or email to obtain the correct details and process the submission.

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