Plan the Activity

  • All Adventurous Activities must have an Activity Plan. The Activity Plan can be straightforward if undertaking a low-risk activity. It may even be possible to include it on a single page if the activity is low risk.
  • Activities occurring within a Group’s hall or 2km of it and remaining in an urban environment such as a walk, wide game or pioneering below 2m (but excluding any vertical or rope activities) are not considered Adventurous Activities. They don’t need to follow this process. Likewise, activities like going 10-pin bowling are not Adventurous Activities.
  • More planning is required if planning an activity with higher risk. Refer to the Adventurous Activity Core Conduct Procedure Section 4 Planning for detail.
  • Use the Activity Plan Template to document and communicate your plan. Alternatively, you can export the activity plan from Terrain though check it includes all the information required in the NSW Activity Plan Template.
  • When planning your Adventurous Activity, prepare the Activity Notification to inform Youth Members and their parents about the Adventurous Activity and obtain their Informed Consent. Activity Notification is either a form in Operoo or the paper E1 Part I and II forms.
  • The Activity Notification can also be developed in one of the Event Management Systems. Usually, the Event Management System is only used for Region or State activities.
  • If you are using Operoo, please refer to the Support Guide for Operoo.