What happens if our overnight camp is within the next 24 hours?

The WWCC legislation allows volunteers to participate in volunteer work while their WWCC application is being finalised. This means the adult/parent will be able to attend the overnight camp as long as they have a current WWCC Application Number (APP Number).

If an adult/parent is attending an overnight Scouting camp and is not in the position to complete the WWCC application process, they must:

  1. Apply for their WWCC online at https://wwccheck.ccyp.nsw.gov.au/Applicants/Application.
  2. Fill in the online Application for Adult Helper Form (A2), making sure to enter their WCC Application Number (APP Number) in the specified field.
  3. Once complete, email the PDF copy of their A2 form to their Group Leader.

The adult/parent must complete the WWCC application process by visiting a Service NSW centre or motor registry within 7 days of attending the overnight camp.

As a Group Leader, it is your responsibility to endorse the A2 form, and forward a copy to your Region Office before the commencement of the overnight Scout activity or camp.

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