When the funds have been received by the State Service Centre, how can the Group access the funds?

Scouts NSW will directly pay approved invoices to your vendor whenever practicable. When you receive an invoice and are satisfied it is correct, please forward the invoice to [email protected] and we will make a direct payment to the business/vendor.

In the case of the purchase of items of a minor nature or purchases from retail outlets of items like furniture and equipment please forward receipts to [email protected] and we will make a direct payment to the Group account. Please ensure all purchases are in line with the grant guidelines.

In all cases, please provide the grant ID (unique combination of letters and digits that was assigned to your lodgement at the application point) in the email subject line.

NB: Please be mindful that Scouts NSW Policy has a policy of not paying Quotes or Pro-Formas. It should be either Invoice, Tax Invoice or Receipt (the latter will be called “reimbursement” to the Group, not to the personal bank account).