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The Adventurous Activities team provides our youth members with the opportunity to experience adventure and grow their skills and capabilities in a fun, engaging and safe environment outdoors across a broad range of activities. We provide the policy, procedures, training and activities for Leaders to grow their skills and confidence. We support those Leaders when they provide exciting and challenging activities within a Group, District or Region.

Our team has experienced Guides across the many fields of adventure that are of interest to Youth and adult members in NSW.

If you are looking for advice or assistance with Adventurous Activities, you can contact us at [email protected].

Activity Teams

State Activity Teams exist in all the activity disciplines. They are open for anyone in Scouts with an open mind, a positive attitude, and a passion for adventure to join and provide a place where information can be shared: the Adventurous Activity Team Site. You must have a Scouts email address to join. In these teams, you'll find materials to help you plan an activity, for example, Activity Plans and documentation from completed activities. It's also a place to ask for help on any topic around Adventurous Activities from Guides and your peers.

We also have a Scouts NSW Adventurous Activities Facebook Page.


Guides are the backbone of delivering Adventurous Activities. All the Guides in NSW are members of Activity Teams. Please refer to the NSW Guide List available here for the names and activity disciplines of the Guides in NSW (note this document is only available for NSW Scouts Leaders). Guides are there to help you develop your skills.

Region Commissioners Activities

Each Region has a Region Commissioner for Activities. These commissioners are responsible for Adventurous Activity in their Region. They will likely approve many of your activities, especially the higher-risk ones.

Glenn Austin

Greg Denning
Hunter and Coastal

Wes Leverton
Sydney North

Hugh Leckie
North West

Braydon Gleeson
North Coast

South Coast and Tablelands


Mark Fell
Greater Western Sydney

Chris Ward
South Met

Ben Williamson
The Golden West

State Leaders Activities

Each activity discipline has a State Leader. These Leaders are responsible for the procedures and guides for that activity discipline and developing standard risk assessments. They are a great source of in-depth information about their activity discipline.

There are an additional three State Leader roles available to Emerging Leaders. These roles are learning and development roles and support the Program, Capability, and Systems needed for Adventurous Activities in NSW.

Bushwalking, Bushcraft & Camping

Chris Ward

Lex Carruthers

Wal Waerner

Dave Noble

David Fisher photograph

David Fisher

Chris Walster

Tracey Hansford

Paul Mclntyre photograph

Paul McIntyre

Flying Fox

Youth Members

We are supported by several youth members who provide leadership for Rover activities and provide a view from the Youth Council.

Sophie Carter
Rover Adventurous Activities Leader

Toby Chandiok
Youth Council Member

Jameson Lyons
Youth Council Member

State Support Centre

The State Support Centre provides significant support to Adventurous Activities. It can be contacted for questions around training, courses, qualifications, and appointments.

Chelsea Chan
Training Services Consultant

State Commissioner Activities

The State Commissioner is responsible for the safe and effective conduct of Adventurous Activities in NSW.

Kenton Jurgs
State Commissioner - Adventurous Activities