Adventurous Activities

Scouting is one of the greatest movements the world has ever known. Scouts have walked on the moon, rowed across oceans, navigated the polar icecaps and scaled the highest mountains.

Adventurous Activities are an integral element of the Youth Program. Typically, outdoor pursuits require skill and risk management to ensure they are conducted safely. The range of activities that Scouts NSW provides is based on the Outdoor Adventure areas in the Youth Program:  Bushwalking, Bushcraft, Camping, Alpine, Vertical, Cycling, Boating, Paddling, Aquatics, as well as additional activities such as Archery, Flying Fox, Challenge Ropes, Power Boating, Fishing, Horse Riding and Motoring.

The Adventurous Activities team aims to provide activity opportunities for young people across NSW. These activities promote Youth participation and allow Youth progression from Outdoor Adventure Skills (OAS) Stage 1 to Stage 9. Our Activity Leaders and Guides are a motivated, skilled, diverse, and youthful-thinking group who help deliver these activities across the State.

Our ambitions are as follows.

  • We give equal opportunity for activities to young people across NSW.
  • We run activities that excite, motivate, and educate our youth and Adult Leaders.
  • We understand what support Regions and Groups need to deliver an attractive activity agenda for our youth members.
  • We provide opportunities for Leaders, Rover Scouts and Venturer Scouts to gain nationally-recognised qualifications in outdoor leadership and progress on Guide pathways.
  • We increase the numbers and percentages of female, multi-cultural, external and youth members in the Guide community.
  • We are humble, open, friendly, considerate, care for others and the environment, and follow the Scout Law.
  • We continue to grow and remain relevant in our capabilities.
  • We create an environment to keep our members safe.

Specific terms have defined meanings. These terms are in bold, and they are defined in the Glossary.