All members (youth and adults) are now required to register via our membership and billing platform - ScoutHub. 

What is ScoutHub? 

ScoutHub is an online platform which will combine billing and member registration for our youth and leaders. ScoutHub will enable an improved experience for our members with simpler, flexible, and more localised processes for groups. Benefits include: 

  • Putting more control in the hands of Scout Groups to manage member information 
  • Facilitating easy communication with members via bulk emails 
  • Providing access to live data and dashboards to support local decision making 
  • Ensuring the safe and compliant collection of payments for State and group fees.  

The system is powered by revSPORT, a technology platform that’s widely used across volunteer and member organisations such as Softball, Sailing and Water Polo. 

When did ScoutHub launch? 

Launch Day - July 1. To align to the Scouts NSW billing period Trek 2 (July-Dec), ScoutHub will open for registrations from 1 July 2023.  Outlined below are the features that will be delivered as part of the project. 

Any questions?

ScoutHub administrator support, contact [email protected]

Member registration support, contact [email protected]

Current Functionality

  • Registering and renewal of existing memberships with online payment
  • Updating member details via self-serve feature 
  • A unique landing page for each group to capture new member registrations  
  • New streamlined Scouts NSW website with 'Group Finder' functionality

Future Functionality

  • Register for a Scouting event 
  • Hire of a local Scout Hall  
  • Online shop
  • Member appointments
  • Transition from initial ‘landing page’ to full Group websites

What training is available?

Initial system training will be provided by revSPORT to our Member Experience Team and project 'Champions' (throughout April 2023). Champions are then deployed across all regions to support with both initial training to Group Admin Representatives (Apr-Jun) and ongoing questions to guide and support you. 

Visit the ScoutHub Teams Channel for training documents, FAQs, and more.

Ongoing training can be requested through your Region Office and conducted by a ScoutHub Champion.

ScoutHub FAQs

At the beginning of each Trek, all existing members are emailed a unique Group Portal link to follow to complete registration.

If you don’t receive the email, visit the ScoutHub group finder here. Then, type in the suburb or postcode where your Group is located and click the blue register button. Follow the prompts to re-register and pay your fees.

If you have multiple appointments at a Group level, you will need to register to each Group or Formation you are associated with.

For Rover Scouts and Fellowship Members who are also Leaders, you will need a discount code to proceed with your registration. Please ensure you have this code ready before starting registration.

If you have multiple appointments at different levels (eg at Group and Region level),  you will only need to register once to the Group and your higher appointment will apply automatically.

When you hear ‘Trek 1’ or ‘Trek 2’ – we are referring to a Scouting billing period.

Trek 1 – is the billing period from January-June.
Trek 2 – is the billing period July-December.

The change from annual billing to bi-annual billing was made to split the annual membership fees into smaller components.

ScoutHub allows members to redeem valid Active Kids Vouchers instantly when they proceed through registration via ScoutHub. Look for the box labelled ‘Active Kids Voucher’ when you see your purchase summary, and before you make payment.

Vouchers MUST be redeemed during the online registration process, before payment. We cannot process vouchers in arrears.

Members will have more access to their own information in ScoutHub – with the ability for members (or their guardians) to edit key contact information themselves. This was not possible in the previous system, and we are excited to give members more access to their own information.  

Re-registering for each Trek ensures that we have up to date information around our current and active members.

There are some fees and other costs that Scouts NSW pay to Scouts Australia on behalf of all members (including youth members, leaders, and adult helpers). This includes things like Scouts | Terrain, e-learning, association fees, etc. By ensuring only active current members are registered, we ensure we are only paying for those who are active.  

Members who are already supported through our Family Support Fund can speak to their Group Leader or our Member Experience Team for more information on obtaining relevant discount codes and completing their registration.  

More information on Family Support Fund can be found here –

No – each member must be registered and paid individually. This allows confirmation of individual details, redemption of individual vouchers or discounts, agreement to terms and conditions and payment allocated to individual members.  

Family members can be linked within the system to be viewed through one login, however registration and payment is still completed individually.  

Existing members can log in to ScoutHub to edit their contact details or view previous invoices and payments. This is your account page.

To register for a new Trek you DO NOT need to be logged in. You need to visit your unique Group ScoutHub Portal registration page and click ‘returning member’. This is the registration page.


As a cloud-based, integrated membership and billing system, ScoutHub comes with inbuilt website functionality. Each Group will start with a simple landing page that will act as a portal initially, in Stage 1 of the roll-out only for: 

  • Registering and renewal of memberships with online payment capability   
  • Updating member details via self-serve feature 

From Stage 2, additional features will be available for Groups to use, including: 

  • Register for a Scouting event 
  • Hire out a local Scout Hall  
  • Transition from initial ‘landing page’ to full Group websites, to provide additional functionality and ensure a consistent brand image across the State 

Champions are volunteers from within Scouts NSW who were selected to provide additional support and expertise to other members and Groups on the functionality and implementation of ScoutHub.

Champions are trained by RevSPORT and support in a train-the-trainer approach. 

Approximately 30 ‘early adopters’ volunteered representing all regions, to trial and provide input and feedback before the system launches to the wider Scouting community. ‘Early Adopters’ will undergo training during April and have access to the system for approximately 3 months prior to full system launch to all remaining groups in July. 

Yes – ScoutHub is being implemented in order to make things simpler, and will eventually streamline and replace the functionality provided by ScoutLink and Operoo. However, there will be a cross-over period where multiple systems may be live simultaneously. These changes will be gradual as more functionality in ScoutHub is turned on in stages, and we will keep members updated on progress of different areas as they occur 

No. Those with the appointment of Honorary Commissioner will be re-registered by our Member Experience Team, and are not required to re-register themselves.

Project updates have been regularly provided in our monthly editions of Leader News.

From early June, Group Leaders will receive information packs to support them to communicate to their Leaders and Parents in anticipation of the launch in July.
From mid-late June, Leaders and Parents will receive information on what steps they will need to take, when registration opens in July.

All existing members will also receive an email in early July with steps required for Trek 2!