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The State Youth Council (SYC) is a multi-sectional council comprised of youth members aged 13-25yrs old from every Region in New South Wales, and with varying degrees of knowledge about the Scouting sections and experiences within our Movement. It is an autonomous body with a purpose of rolling out projects for every Scouting section, while representing the needs and interests of our State wide Youth Members.

Frequently Asked Questions

State Youth Council FAQ

The State Youth Council is comprised of members from all sections and every region in NSW. Find your region’s representatives in the table below and get in touch with us!

Please CC Assistant Chief Commissioners (Youth), Jennifer Riley and Toby Chandiok on [email protected] within all email communications to our representatives.

RegionFirst NameLast NameEmail
Greater Western SydneyLachlanChen (Chairperson)[email protected]
South MetropolitanFrankJavadi (Vice-Chairperson)[email protected]
South MetropolitanGeraldSelvaraj (Vice-Chairperson)[email protected]
RiverinaEmmaJohnston (Secretary)[email protected]
South MetropolitanHeatherO’Mara (Secretary)Heather.O’[email protected]
Greater Western SydneyZoeSuthers[email protected]
Greater Western SydneyGraceKokay[email protected]
Greater Western SydneyAzriMortimer[email protected]
Greater Western SydneyTehyaHolmes[email protected]
South MetropolitanAxelTkatchew[email protected]
South MetropolitanCobaltWalsh[email protected]
South MetropolitanEllieDickinson[email protected]
South MetropolitanSarahAdkins[email protected]
Hunter and CoastalMeganGalettis[email protected]
Hunter and CoastalLiamHoare[email protected]
Hunter and CoastalLottieMorello[email protected]
Sydney NorthOliverPritchard[email protected]
Sydney NorthScottRomanis[email protected]
Sydney NorthOwenCameron[email protected]
South Coast & TablelandsChloeLynch[email protected]
North CoastEvelynGenge[email protected]
North CoastKateKojetin[email protected]
HumeLaurenChannon[email protected]
The Golden WestJessicaArnold[email protected]

The appointment of a State Youth Council member is two years.

To join the SYC you must be between 13 and 25 years of age.

SYC Members meet online regularly in Project Patrols and online monthly as the whole council, as well as in-person twice a year at our Conferences.

State Youth Council Initiatives

The State Youth Council is currently working on projects that assist with Scouting and the wider community. Read about each Project Patrol summary below.

Current Initiatives

The Training, Activities and Qualifications Team (TAQ) aims to create awareness, accessibility and readily accessible resources and education for youth regarding training activities and qualifications.

The Community Outreach Team aims to assist in the production of material that will compile to make a promotional video, particularly advertising targeted towards scouting for kids and teens. The team focuses on breaking the stereotypes and stigmas of scouting that are present throughout the community. Through a variety of platforms, the team aims to being positive light in Scouts NSW and increase community positivity.

Currently, the Inclusion and Diversity Initiative has been discussing a better way to address mental health and provide a more inclusive environment for people who have a disability. They create educational resources to further encourage safe behaviours and a welcoming experience for Members. Although their aim is to make Scouts NSW more inclusive for everyone, currently they have a particular focus on people who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community, have a disability, or suffer from mental health complications.

The Scout of the Year initiative aims to celebrate UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related projects that Scouts from each section have undertaken, and to show to the community what our Joey, Cubs, Scouts, Ventures and Rovers have achieved. To learn more about the Scout of the Year Awards, please click here.

Past Initiatives

The Our Stories Patrol works in partnership with Scouts NSW Heritage and History to preserve the stories of participants involved in Scouts NSW. They aim to record the stories and experiences of people, so that they can be utilised and remembered by our Movement in the future. To get involved and contribute your own story, please watch this space!

Aims to allow the Cub Scouts and Joey Scouts to have more of an involvement in the decision making for their activities. The Patrol mainly focuses on creating more Cub Scouts and Joey Scouts themed camps and activities, and aims to allow them to contribute to the planning of activities.

Already Scouts around the world have contributed more than one billion hours towards sustainable development through initiatives under the Better World Framework. Now imagine the impact of 50 million Scouts working as active citizens to leave this world a little better than we found it – that’s the power of Scouts for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The State Youth Council has developed an online hub of SDG-related resources, educational tools and activities to support Scouts across New South Wales to engage with the SDGs and find creative ways to align this important work with their activities! Click here to learn more about Sustainable Development Goals and to view these resources.

This team works alongside the other Project Patrols to publish content and other requested materials to efficiently market, collaborate and create these posts. To increase consistency in SYC’s social media posts, this team has been designing and advertising posts about the past ‘Scout of the Year’ finalists and their project updates, which lead up to the marketing of this year’s applications and event. Also, the team has been working on ‘Get To Know Your Youth Council’ posts to increase the awareness of the SYC and its members.

With working alongside the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), this Project Patrol is creating a library of resources for Units to access that include the goals outline and programmed activities that exist through other outlets. This will assist Units in the creation and completion of SDG projects at a local level. Also, the project patrol is creating a document to provide information that guides Units through idea generation, planning, implementation and evaluation of an SDG project.

In light of COVID-19, this Project Patrol has been working on programs which Groups can implement in their virtual Scouting nights. These programs incorporate various activities such as cooking, trivia, fitness and scavenger hunting which are versatile to all Sections and allow Scouts to still challenge and grow themselves.

Intending to assist the regeneration and recovery of the recent bushfire season, this Project Patrol is focusing on animal pouches for koalas, possums, wallabies and kangaroos. Alongside funding from Scouts NSW, the Project Patrol will create, film and promote the production process to Units and how they can participate in making the different animal pouches and sizes for injured wildlife using knitting and sewing skills.

Contact Us

Do you have a project idea that SYC could help out with? Do you want to get in contact with your local representatives? Want to have a chat about how to run a youth forum at your unit?

Get in contact with us at [email protected] (Jennifer Riley and Toby Chandiok, Assistant Chief Commissioners, Youth).

Youth Forum in a Box

The SYC has prepared 'Youth Forum in a Box', a guide to youth forums for all Scout Groups, Regions and major events and camps. Click here to download this valuable resource.

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Are you or someone you know a former Member of the SYC? Reach out to Jennifer Riley and Toby Chandiok, Assistant Chief Commissioners (Youth Engagement), to be included in supporting our current cohort. Get in touch with us at [email protected] ’.  

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