Sustainable Development Goals

Over the years, Scouting has made any extraordinary contribution to improve the sustainability of our planet, promote peace, and tackle inequality.

Already Scouts around the world have contributed more than one billion hours towards sustainable development through initiatives under the Better World Framework. Now imagine the impact of 50 million Scouts working as active citizens to leave this world a little better than we found it – that’s the power of Scouts for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)!


What are the Sustainable Development Goals?

In 2015 the United Nations launched the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs) – 17 goals driving for improved social, economic and environmental sustainability by 2030. Information about each goal is available here.

In late 2018, Scouting as a global Movement established Scouts for SDGs (#Scouts4SDGs), mobilising millions of Scouts to make the world’s largest coordinated youth contribution to the SDGs by 2030 (through two million local projects and an additional three billion hours of service).


How can I get involved?

We need to work together to achieve the SDGs, and there are different ways we can all take part. We have developed an online hub of SDG-related resources, educational tools and activities to support Scouts across New South Wales to engage with the SDGs and find creative ways to align this important work with their activities! Click on the tabs below to explore our resources.


SDGs for Children

  • Research based projects for all ages to explore the surroundings to understand SDGs
  • Projects on how the stop of COVID-19 is affecting Human Rights
  • Short videos about SDGs

View this resource here.

Book about SDGs for Children (eBook)

This eBook uses various expressions and actions to help demonstrate the meaning of each goal. The character has no race or nationality.

View the book here.

SDGs in Australia

Explore projects from Australian organisations that are doing their part to help Australia meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Case studies
  • News
  • Updates

View this resource here.

SDGs in Action App

The SDGs in Action app has over 800 mobile operators worldwide. It has been developed by Project Everyone, a non-profit global campaign to spread the messaging of the SDGs.
  • Detailed information about each of the 17 goals (targets, explanatory videos, key facts and figures, and suggestions on how you can help achieve them take action)
  • The latest sustainable development news from around the world.
  • The ability to choose what goals are important to you and receive notifications about that goal.
  • Find actions and events near you that you can join to support the goals.
  • The ability to create Actions you’re planning in your area, and invite others to join.
View this resource here.

SDG Targets

Ability to explore the targets visuallly related to each of the SDGs

View this resource here.

Act for SDGs

The Global Week to Act for SDGs (20-30 September 2020) is an annual call to action for individuals and organisations across the world to accelerate action for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs – also known as Global Goals).

  • Submit projects, gain traction of social media and view and global map, mapping SDGs

View this resource here.

We The People (Video)

This video showcases various celebrities, outlining the common aim to achieve the SDGs

View the video here.

Global Goals

  • Global awareness campaign
  • Navigation of the SDGs
  • Recent News
  • Resources for businesses and schools
  • Brand resources

View this resource here.

Good Goals Life Pack

  • SDGs broken down into easily understood, small local actions
  • Resources aimed at young people
  • Short video outlining the goals

View this resource here. Courtesy of Good Life Goals.

Who is working on the Goals?

UN Youth: A national youth-led organisation that aims to educate and empower young Australians on global issues. All of the work that UN Youth does is rooted in the belief that young people can and do make a difference in their communities. UN Youth fosters ideas and innovation, and gives young people the inspiration and support they need to create change.

The Scout of the Year Award: The Scout of the Year Award is an award to recognise a person or project that has contributed exceptionally to Scouting and the wider community. The Scout of the Year Award will be presented to those applicants that have made a considerable impact on one or more of the SDGs. Successful applicants will become SDG Advocates for Scouts NSW and assist in spreading the message.

The Scouts NSW State Youth Council: The State Youth Council (SYC) is a multi-sectional council comprised of members aged 13-25 from every Region in NSW and with varying degrees of knowledge about the Scouting sections.

UN NSW: The NSW division of the United Nations who work to connect the NSW community, governmet and stakeholders with the UN.

Other Australian organisations: A range of Australian organisations are also actively working towards the SDGs and have shared their case studies and learnings.

Log Your Own Project!

Log your own project so others can find out about who is doing what, and who is partnering with who, to tackle the global goals through local action!

Logging your project might help inspire others to start a project in their local area - or you could you these projects to inspire your own project! Click here to log your SDGs project.

If you would like to get involved with Scouts4SDGs, contact [email protected].