Youth Protection

Parents take the safety of their children seriously - and so do we. 

At Scouts NSW, our aim is to create a safe and secure environment where every young person understands they have a right to feel safe. Youth protection is our number one priority and is everyone’s responsibility. This is demonstrated in our Safeguarding Commitment Statement.

Safeguarding Commitment Statement

"Scouts NSW is committed to safeguarding youth in our care.


Scouts NSW is committed to creating an environment
where all our members feel safe, supported and protected."


Click here to read our full Safeguarding Commitment Statement.

Keeping our youth safe

Scouts NSW has a zero tolerance policy towards abuse. It is important that every adult and child in Scouting in NSW is aware of and familiar with the Scouts NSW Youth Protection Policy and Procedure and understand who they can approach and the appropriate steps to take, should any form of abuse be brought to their attention.

At Scouts NSW:

  • All Leaders are thoroughly screened, undergo a National Police Check, and must hold a valid, verified Working with Children Check.
  • Adult Leaders receive comprehensive, ongoing training across a range of subjects including leadership, WHS, and youth protection.
  • At least one person trained in first aid attends all major events.
  • At least two adults are present at all meetings and events.

Know It. Live It. Log It.

Youth protection is everyone’s responsibility. Each person in Scouts NSW must:

KNOW our Promise and Law,
LIVE by our Promise and Law, and
LOG anything that breaches our Promise and Law.

For Leaders and adult members (including Rover Scouts and any parents or guardians who wish to be actively involved in Scouting activities), this requirement extends to our Code of Conduct, a personal commitment to protect all members of Scouting.

Each Leader and adult member in Scouting must:

KNOW our Code of Conduct,
LIVE by our Code of Conduct and, 
LOG anything that breaches our Code of Conduct.