National Police Check

For many years, adults in Scouting have been required to go through a Police Check as part of the screening process for Leaders, Adult Helpers and committee members.

This screening process is now through a National Police Check for all adults including volunteers.

A National Police Check supports Scouts' thorough screening process for all adults involved in Scouting, and ensures alignment with Scouts NSW Child Protection Procedure.

Click below for the National Police Check guide:

National Police Check Guide for NEW adults in Scouting

National Police Check Guide for EXISTING adults in Scouting

Frequently Asked Questions

National Police Check FAQ

Both State and National Police Checks have a 3-year expiration date. If you are still unsure when your Police Check will expire, please contact your Group Leader.

If you have a prior offence on your record, this information will be passed on to the Region Commissioner and delegate for determination.


You will have 7 days to complete the verification once you have been sent the link. If you pass the 7-day deadline you will need to contact the Member Services Team on 1800 726 887.


If you are having difficulty uploading the documents, there is an option for alternative identification verification. To select this, you must click on the alternative verification option within Document Verification Services (DVS).


In accordance with NSW Police policy, you must provide 3 official documents to verify your identity. Head to the NSW Police website to find the valid identification checklist for more information.

Non-compliance with this process goes against our Child Protection Procedure. If you are an existing member, an expired Police Check will result in immediate suspension. If you are a new member, non-compliance will halt your induction into the organisation until the check is completed.


You have 7 days to complete upload your personal identification verification documents before the link expires.


Nothing. The complete cost of the National Police Check is covered by Scouts NSW.

State and National Police Checks are only valid for three years. You will be sent a Document Verification Services (DVS) link to your Scouts email by NSW Police prior to your existing Police Check expiration date. You must submit your identification documents within 7 days of receiving the link.

Head to the NSW Police website to find out which documents can be submitted.

Once you have submitted all required documents, NSW Police will undergo a National Police Check.


If you have an up-to-date State Police Check, you DO NOT need to apply for a National Police Check yet. Once your State Police Check has expired, you will be required to apply for the National Police Check. NSW Police will send a Document Verification Services (DVS) link at least a month prior to the expiration date.

New Members are required to undergo background necessary checks prior to commencement of appointment or involvement in Scouting.

Following the completion of the online registration form and following the verification of the WWCC, the prospective member will receive a Document Verification Services (DVS) link from NSW Police identification documents must be submitted to the NSW Police DVS portal within seven days of receiving the link.

Please click here to view the complete process