Leader Build

Looking for new Leaders and Parent Helpers for your Group?

Most Scout Groups need additional adult leaders and helpers – to run regular meetings, go to events, help with administration, open new formations or expand the size of the current Groups.

Being a Leader can be very rewarding but the local community may not know how they can volunteer and be involved. It is great to be able to get them visit your Group and hear about what is involved and the next steps.

The easiest way to do this is for your Group to run a Leader Build event. This is a simple open night at your hall (usually on the same night as group meetings), with a presentation and chat about what is involved. Leader Build is a step-by-step program that Groups can follow to run such an event. The resources include a full presentation, promotional material and brochures on becoming a Scout leader.

If you would like to order a resource Leader Build Pack, click on the button below:


Scouts NSW have run webinars on how to run a Leader Build event for your Group. Please see the recording of one of these webinars below. If you want to run a Leader Build event, please order a Leader Build Pack via the button above.