Promotional Resources

Running regular awareness and promotion activities in your area can grow your Group or help you open new Sections.

This page is focussed on youth member promotions – please see Leader Build for information on the leader recruitment program.

This Promotional Resources page has a range of tips, ideas and templates that you can customise for local promotions. There are also links to posters and flyers that you can simply download and print. This page will be added to as more resources are developed.

Note: Some templates will be downloaded as word documents and will have sections highlighted in yellow to be customised. Simply edit these documents to reflect your groups name and whatever else you need added e.g. date of an open night, leaders name etc.

Click the links below to be taken straight to that promotional resource:


Tips and Ideas

Bring a Friend Promotions

Running this can be a great way to group your group:

Open Day Event

School Promotions

Here are resources for doing a range of promotions with your local schools:

Social Media Awareness Campaign

Community Service Announcements

As Scouts NSW is a charity, some TV/Radio/Press will run free Community Service Announcements for Scouts. Groups can approach their local media and ask if they do this. Then email [email protected] for a link to the ads.

Promotional Collateral

Email Templates


Corflute Sign Template

These signs can be sized to requirements and group contact info added. Email your requirements here.

Hall Exterior Group Sign Template

Example of hall sign – contact [email protected] to get artwork for your group hall.

Newspaper Ads

Newspaper Ads



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