Xmas Trees Local Fundraising

It’s the most wonderful time of year. Oh, Christmas tree. How lovely are your branches? And how lovely, too, is your ability to raise money to fund Scouting adventures!

When is the earliest you can buy a Christmas tree? The answer is it’s never too early, especially when there are great offers that are too good to pass up. If you are on the hunt for a brand-new Christmas tree, buy one from a Scout Group near you!

While you and your family get a quality live tree for your living room, you help Scout Groups raise much needed funds for programs, building maintenance, equipment repairs and purchases. It’s a jolly Christmas for everybody involved.

You can buy your tree from a number of locations around New South Wales. Check out Scout NSW Christmas trees page now for all the details and remember to keep checking back as more Group’s details are being added daily. Don’t miss out on other Christmas goodies like tree stands, candles, honey and more!

For Scout Groups that are wanting to sell trees this year, fill out this form and make your Christmas trees more than just a purchase… make it an experience and promote your Scout Group with Scouting brochures and posters. Christmas is the perfect time to spread the joys of Scouting to new members.

There is nothing like the scent and feel of a real live tree and it’s even better when it is purchased for a good cause from Scouting little helpers.