Signage and Visual Merchandising

Good signage is one of the ways to maximise 'hands-free' promotions - your hall or trailer is a free billboard!

Scout Halls are more than just a place to hold your group’s meetings – they are also a visual promotion for Scouts and your Group. Good signage is one of the ways to maximise this opportunity – especially if your hall is in a busy location.

But do you currently have one signage that is faded and tatty? Or does it have the old Scouts branding? Is there information on what sections meet there? And how can people follow up and enquire about joining?

Good signage can and should answer all these questions. All groups who have old signs are encouraged to plan an upgrade – and here’s some tips on getting it right.

Example of Trailer branding

Example of Hall signage

Example of full building branding

First Step: Planning

Stand back on the street and look at your hall as if you had never seen it before. What can you see at a distance, what areas are most visible. Is your hall clearly identified as a Scout Hall? Where can you fix a sign?

There are two recommended signs – that serve slightly different purposes:

1) Naming Sign – this is clearly identifying the building as a Scout Hall. It could be above the front door, to one side of the door for instance. It would usually just say Group Name Scouts and have the logo – the Scouts NSW logo!

2) Group Information sign – this is the detailed information prospective members need. Scouts NSW has a standard template for these signs, that is just customised for each group:

It is important to have a clear call to action – (which is Scouts NSW site for new members) and an email address. Avoid phone numbers – they can change too easily.


Second Step: Design

Scouts NSW will provide you with finished artwork for these signs – that will save you the cost of getting this done. But you need to provide:

  • Size – width x height for each sign. Hint – make them as big as possible! Imagine standing at the road looking at your hall – what can you actually see!
  • Wording – for the Group Information sign

When you are ready, email [email protected] with this information and Marketing will organise the graphic design for your sign. There is no charge for this.


Third Step: Production quote

There are lots of signage companies to get quotes. Make sure they don’t include installation if you can do it yourself! An online alternative is Vistaprint.

The most popular and cost effective signs are usually vinyl print onto board or aluminium. If the signs will be in full sun, make sure to ask for UV coating or similar which will extend the life of the sign and reduce fading. It is not generally recommended to put a sticker over the top of an existing sign – it is hard to cover the text underneath, and the wear and tear on the sign will still be visible. The saving in cost may not be worth it in the long run.

How much do signs cost? As an example, a group information sign sized at 1200mm x 900mm cost $670 to be made.


Final Step: Installation

Bin the old signs and enjoy your new ones!