Signage and Visual Merchandising

When your Scout Group is out and about - make sure you are putting your best food forward!


Customised Group Promotional Equipment

Example of Trailer branding

Example of Hall signage

Example of full building branding

To order customised visual merchandising for your Group, reach out to the Scouts NSW Marketing and Communications Team.

Before you start - take measurements and be ready with all information (such as contact details, measurements, times, materials, placement) so we can support as quickly as possible.

1. Planning

What item would you like?
Where will you use the item?
If you are replacing something that is existing, please take a photo of what you already have for reference.

2. Design

Scouts NSW will provide you with finished artwork for these signs – that will save you the cost of getting this done. But you need to provide:

  • Size – width and height for each sign or item
  • Wording – EXACTLY the wording you would like to have in your design

When you are ready, email [email protected] with this information and Marketing will organise the graphic design for your sign. There is no charge for this.

3. Production

There are lots of companies available, some will arrange installation for a cost, and some will supply only. We would recommend a specific signage supplier for quality and durability, such as Extreme Marquees, EasySigns or Signarama (or a local company). Note that Vistaprint and Officeworks may supply some signage however the quality is typically lower.


Order Signage or Group Visual Merchandise